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Selected stories from “Talks and Tales” useful for teaching and
enjoyment. Includes stories for holidays from Rosh Hashanah to
Purim, about Jewish saints and mystics, Jewish values, and tales
from different lands. Extensive glossary.
P e r e t z ,
The seven good years and other stories of I.L. P eretz.
Trans, and
adap ted by Esther Hautzig . Illus. by Deborah Kogan Ray.
Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society o f America, 1984. 94 p.
Ten well-told stories translated from the Yiddish about true
values, piety, compassion, man/woman relationships, and several
holidays. Includes: “I f Not Still Higher,” “Bontche Schweig,” “The
Magician,” “Jewish Cinderella,” and other favorites.
R ib a l o w , H a r o l d
U. and
R ib a l o w , M e i r
.Jew ish baseball stars.
York, Hippocrene, 1984. 290 p. (10 up)
An answer to the many requests from Jewish youngsters for books
about Jewish sports heroes.
L e o n a r d .
The swastika on the synagogue door.
New York, Rossell,
1984. 149 p. (10-14)
A mystery in which anti-Semitism, synagogues, the Holocaust and
Jews for Jesus figure, is solved by the Lazarus family.
R o u n d s , G l e n .
Washday on Noah’s ark.
New York, Holiday, 1985. unp.
A modern Noah tall-tale shows how Mrs. Noah did her wash.
R o sem an , K e n n e t h .
The melting pot: an adventure in New York.
New York,
Union o f American Hebrew Congregations, 1984. 130 p. (10-14)
A do-it-yourself adventure where you are a Jewish immigrant at
the turn o f the century and have to decide whether to stay in New
York City or go west. Glossary.
R o s e n f e l d , D in a H e rm a n .
The very best place fo r a penny.
Illus. by Leonid
Pinchevsky and Eliyahu Meshchaninov. New York, Merkos
L’Inyonei Chinuch, 1984. (3-6)
A sprightly story about the adventures o f a penny, first seen jum ­
bled in with pens, etc. in a drawer, then in a pocket similarly jostled,
in a washing machine, in a dryer, under the bed, and finally re­
united with others o f its kind, home at last in the Tsedakah box.
S e g a l , Y o c h e v e d .
Our sages showed the way.
3 ,
Transl. from the He­
brew by Esther Falk and Zippora Polachek. Illus. by Bethia Geffen.
New York, Feldheim, 1985. 24 p. (11 up)
Stories for young readers (and listeners) from the Talmud,
Midrash, and the literature o f the Sages. Original sources cited at
the end o f each story. T h em e s are: God, ju s t ic e , honesty ,
righteousness, piety, accepting the convert, helping the poor,
wisdom, resourcefulness, and rescuing prisoners.