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S h e rm a n , E i l e e n B l u e s t o n e ,
The odd potato.
Illus. by Katherine Janus
Kahn. Rockville, MD., Kar-Ben. 32 p. (6-10) pb & he
A young girl brings her widowed father out from depression
when she does her best to celebrate Hanukkah just as mother did.
S i e g e l , D a n n y .
Where heaven and earth touch. An anthology of midrash and
Spring Valley, N.Y., Town House Press, 1983. 52 p. pb (12
Passages taken from the Talmud, Midrash, Law Codes and other
traditional volumes that “explore the relationship between Torah
and Menschlichkeit.” (Included because it was overlooked the previ­
ous year).
S in g e r , I s a a c B a s h e v i s .
Stories fo r Children
New York, Farrar Straus
Giroux, 1984. 388 p. (8 up)
Most o f the selections and excerpts in this collection have been
printed elsewhere, but some have not previously been published in
book form. Includes Singer’s remarks on the child as ultimate critic.
S m i t h , D o r i s B u c h a n a n .
Laura upside-down.
New York, Viking/
Penguin, 1984. 148 p. (8-12)
An ecumenical story about friends who celebrate each other’s hol­
idays or non-holidays, and Laura’s feelings about the elderly and in­
firm. Nicely realized characterizations with themes o f compassion,
guilt, and maturity.
S p e r o , M o sh e H a l e v i .
Illus . by M arilyn H irsh . L o n g I s lan d ,
Y ork , S im ch a ,
1984. 64
Grief, Jewish mourning customs, advice to parents about han­
dling “death” with young children, and a story about a young boy
who receives his grandfather’s siddur when the latter dies. Glossary
and adult bibliography on the subject are included.
S u g a rm a n , J o a n
Inside the synagogue.
Revised edition. Photos by
Ronald Mass &others. New York, Union o f American Hebrew Con­
gregations. 1984. 65 p. (6-10)
History o f the synagogue from its construction, and an explana­
tion o f its symbols and its meaning for the Jewish people.
T a b s , J u d y
S t e i n b e r g , B a r b a r a .
Matzah meals; a Passover cookbook
fo r kids.
Illus. by Chari R. McLean. Rockville, MD., Kar-Ben, 1985.
72 p. (6-14)
What looks like a box o f matzah meal contains recipes with easy
instructions and gay illustrations for children o f all ages. Each recipe
is graded as to difficulty and classified: meat, dairy, or parve. In­
cludes a complete seder, the story o f Passover, its symbols and crafts.
T am a r , E r ik a .
Good-bye glamour girl.
New York, Lippincott, 1984. 218 p.
Starstruck and infatuated with a Gentile renegade classmate, a
teenage Jewish girl finally relinquishes her daydreams for responsi­