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P o d r i a t s h i k , E l i e z e r .
Conversations with others and with myself.
Tel Aviv,
H. Leivik, 1984. 247 p., port.
Continuation o f the author’s 1st vol. o f literary memoirs (1978).
Includes discussions o f Yiddish authors and their works.
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(1981— 1901) -IXDpXT IW ^ 'W r n O ^ X 11B ni3V03 n p sn i ni31"DT
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.aonx (w’tosy ,w n ” ) yp’ox isw rn ix
G o l d s t e i n - G o l d e n , L a z a r .
From Ghetto Kovno to Dachau.
New York, Es­
ther Goldstein, 1985. 149, 125 p., illus., ports. Ed.: Berl Kagan;
English translation by Max Rosenfeld.
Memoirs o f a Lithuanian Jewish doctor’s experiences during and
after the Holocaust, plus testimonial articles about his deeds. Bilin­
gual (English, Yiddish) and posthumous edition.
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.(1980) w to3y n x w’o n nnx on-ix Vxa ic w iy m s .73xa-ixB~ioynxo
G r o s s m a n , V a s i l y
E h r e n b u r g , I l y a .
eds. and comps.
The black book.
Jerusalem, Yad Vashem Martyrs’ Remembrance Authority, 1984.
xxi, 816 p., illus. Translated from Russian: Binem Heller.
Yiddish edition o f the comprehensive work on the Holocaust pe­
riod in the Soviet Union. First published in Russian and English