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. r ,l?x ly ia ’p n r s -r-ana r x p ym a y a ’x
S e g a l , H e r s h ,
Children’s stories from, Transnistria; responses to a survey
carried out in Romania in 1946 and 1947.
Rehovot, 1984. 2nd collec­
tion: 70 p., facsims.
Stories and recollections by children, concerning their experi­
ences during the Holocaust period in Romania.
.1985'rrawn , n s . V / ^a x-Vn .aaiay&xn r x DiVa pyn .^Ninw in u ’s
/poVxnxaio -nyVx
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.loy-io-ixs ^do i^x / tt
loway aix .aonax .oxpxm x iVx3X’xxaayD3’x i x n s mananaain
.(1979) ra x s r x Vxa
P i s a r , S a m u e l .
O f blood and hope.
Tel Aviv, I.L. Peretz, 1985. 397 p.,
illus., ports. Yiddish: Eleazar Suchowolski.
Yiddish ed. o f the Holocaust memoirs o f a noted international
lawyer. First published in Paris (1979).
.[wvp’ai nnaya nia’wai amw] nsoa awai-ioa Visa .pbp , im n a
.DOlV’X /TT 79 .1983
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Hooxa*rxa r x pnwya .xoya amywaxn n& ayayaxnya-Vira
.□-ixsaia r x onax Vxa pway o ix o r x nx ,1946 r x (a’pooy)
••amV r ra .
ywaxn ^ana-xoya ywvT” . p n r ^npVviv^np
,Dyaoax3 / tt
.1984-rawn ,imxan na^pa nxxm r x mxtran
r x p ’sa^nx tra r r 'a n a yomyoxayasx onV .aonax .or>1r B ,,opx5
.TiD3” w Vxm'’ n s lyaan yVp irr
r x i&xwya oxa aana a y i oxn p i r n ywn” n s rmVaxT yp’sywonx
.w’Vaay nnx a’S3»ax i x o^a .xoya amywaxn
K a t z e n e l s o n , Y i t z h a k .
Yiddish ghetto writings: Warsaw 1 9 4 0 -1 9 4 3 .
Ghetto Fighters’ House and Hakibbutz Hameuchad Publishing
House, 1984. x, 770 p., port., facsims. Ed. from rescued manu­
scripts with introds. and explanations by Yechiel Szeintuch.
Collection o f Yiddish works written by the author in the Warsaw
ghetto. With an introd. in English,
nx qaxp : . ia ayo3 n r r V m
r x H ” ywVns .nnbw ^p-iNn-DiNnww
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