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Anglo-Jewish Books
A b e r b a c h , D a v i d .
At the handles of the lock: themes in the fiction of S.J.
Oxford, Oxford Univ. Press, 1984. 224 p. (Littman library
o f Jewish civilization).
C o m p t o n , S u s a n .
Chagall: the catalogue of a Royal Academy o f Arts Exhibi­
London, Weidenfeld
Nicolson, 1985. 280 p. Illus.
Presents a record o f the artist’s life and work, from his earliest oil
paintings in St. Petersburg to his latest stained-glass creation in
H a h l - K o c h , J e l e n a ,
Arnold Schoenberg/Wassily Kandinsky: letters, pic­
tures and documents.
Tr. by John C. Crawford. London, Faber &
Faber, 1984. 224 p. Illus.
O e lm a n , T im o t h y ,
Marrano poets o f the seventeenth century: an anthol-
ogy o f the poetry of Joao Pinto Delgrado, Antonio Enriquez Gomez and
Miguel De Barros.
Tr. from the Spanish. New ed. Oxford, Oxford
Univ. Press, 1984. 350 p. (Littman library o f Jewish civilization).
R u b i n , A b b a .
Images in transition: English Jews in English literature,
1660-1830 .
London, Greenwood Press, 1984. 176 p. (Contributions
to the Study o f World Literature).
W a t s o n , W i l f r e d
Classical Hebrew poetry: a guide to its techniques.
Scheffield: Journal for the Study o f the Old Testament Press, 1984.
450 p.
Y u d k i n , L e o n
1948 and after: aspects of Israel.
Manchester, Manchester
Univ. Press, 1984. 182 p.
A review o f Israeli fiction.
A n d e r s o n , B e r n h a r d
W., ed.
Creation in the Old Testament.
SPCK, 1984. 192 p. (Issues in Religion and Theology).
A n d e r s o n , R o b e r t A .
Daniel: signs and wonders.
Edinburgh, Handsel
Press, 1984. 174 p.
A t k i n s o n , D a v i d .
Message of Ruth: wings of refuge.
New ed. Leicester,
Inter-Varsity, 1984. 128 p. (Bible Speaks Today Services).