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S c h m i d t , W e r n e r .
Introduction to the Old Testament.
Tr. From the Ger­
man by M. O’Connell. London, SPCK Press, 1984. 384 p.
W a l l a c e , R o n a l d S t e w a r d .
Message o f Daniel: the lord is king.
New ed.
Leicester, Inter-Varsity, 1984. 208 p. (Bible Speaks Today Series).
The Zohar
Book of Enlightenment.
Ed. by D.C. Matt. Tr. from the Ara­
maic. London, SPCK Press, 1984. 336 p.
A b s e , D a n n y .
Poet in the family.
London, Robson Books, 1984. 208
p .
A d a m s , W i l l i a m H o w a r d .
Proust souvenir.
London, Weidenfeld &
Nicolson, 1984. 128 p. Illus.
A i n s z t e i n , R e u b e n .
the promised land.
London, Collins, 1984.
An account o f the author’s escape from the Nazis in Poland, his
journey through Europe to England where he joined the RAF mak­
ing his name as an ace bomber.
A u s u b e l ,
a t h a n
Pictorial history of theJewish people:from Bible times to our
own day throughout the world.
Rev. and updated by David C. Gross.
London, Robson Books, 1984. 464 p. Illus.
B a k e r ,
Brandeis and Frankfurter: a dual biography.
London, Harper
Row, 1984. 576 p. Illus.
B i t t o n - J a c k s o n , L i v i a
Eli: coming o f age in the Holocaust.
Panther, 1984. 272 p.
E b a n , A b b a .
The heritage.
London, Weidenfeld
Nicolson, 1985. 368
p .
F l e m i n g , G e r a l d .
Hitler and the Final Solution.
London, H. Hamilton,
1985. 252 p.
F r a n k e l , J o n a t h a n .
Prophecy and politics: socialism, nationalism and the
Russian Jews, 1862-1917 .
New ed. Cambridge, Cambridge Univ.
Press, 1984. 686 p.
G a y l o r , R o b e r t .
Private prisoner: an astonishing story o f survival under the
London, P. Stephen, 1984. 184 p. Illus.
G o l d m a n , N a h u m .
Autobiography: America, Europe, Israel.
Tr. by Vera
Elyasher. London,Weidenfeld
Nicolson, 1985. 348 p. Illus.
G o l y a k h o v s k y , V l a d im i r .
Russian doctor.
London, R. Hale, 1984. 344 p.
Autobiography giving an insight into life in Russia as a doctor, a
Jew and a family man.
G o o d m a n , C e l i a ,
L iv ing with Koestler: Marianne Koestler’s letters
1945-51 .
London, Weidenfeld
Nicolson, 1985. 208 p. Illus.
H a a s , A l b e r t .
The doctor and the damned.
London, Granada, 1984.
A Jewish doctor’s account o f his experiences in a Nazi concentra­
tion camp — the fact that the Germans didn’t realize that he was
Jewish saved him from death.
H i l d e b r a n d , K l a u s .
The Third Reich.
Tr. from the German by P.S. Fall.
London, Allen
Unwin, 1984. 194 p.
H i r s c h f e l d , G e r h a r d , e d .
Exile in Great Britain: refugees from Hitler's