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1984-85 JWB Jewish Book Council
T h e v a r i o u s a c t i v i t i e s
of the Council, as indicated below,
showed signs of growth this year. Among the highlights of Coun­
cil activities were the
SecondJewish Childrens Book Conference
in the Fall of 1984 and our participation in the
12th Jerusalem In­
ternational Book Fair
in the Spring of 1985.
Fairs and Conferences
For a fifth year, the Council participated in
New York Is Book
September 16, 1984, on Fifth Avenue. The theme of
the Council booth was Linking The Generations. Guest authors
at the booth included David C. Gross, author of
TheJewish People’s
Nathan Ausabel, author of the recently revised and
Pictorial History of the Jewish People,
and his son Joel
Gross, author of
The Books of Rachel
The Lives of Rachel.
dren ’s author and illustrator Beverly Brodsky did sketches based
on her book
Council posters, bookmarks and literature
were distributed to fairgoers.
Because of the success of the first conference in 1982, the
Council again brought together editors from small and large
publishing houses, people in marketing, librarians and educators
for the
Second Jewish Children’s Book Conference.
100 people were present for the half day conference held at the
Union of American Hebrew Congregations on November 14,
The guest speaker was Jean F. Mercier, Children’s Editor for
Publisher’s Weekly.
The panel discussion on “Where is the Jewish
Market?” was moderated by Barbara Cohen. The panelists in­
cluded: Stephen Blitz, Marketing Director of Mesorah Publica­
tions; Doris Orenstein of the Jewish Bookshelf, Teaneck, NJ; Dr.
Marcia Posner, library consultant, and Eve Roshevsky, Religion
Editor, Doubleday. Blu Greenberg, Council president, welcomed
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