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Jewish Book World
Initiated in 1982 by the Council, this quarterly publication
showed significant signs of growth. Recent issues have begun to
carry advertising by various publishers. With the Summer 1985
issue the publication will be saddle-stitched and issued in a larger
format. At the present time there are approximately 3,000 sub­
scribers to
Jewish Book World.
The members of the Editorial
Board are Abraham Kremer, Dr. Leonard Gold, Daisy Maryles,
and Ethel S. Cohen. The editor is William Wollheim.
Jewish Books in Review
This bimonthly syndicated book review service of the Council
is being used by more than twenty-five English-Jewish newspa­
pers throughout the country. It is estimated that in the past year
one hundred reviews were published. These included fiction,
non-fiction, and children’s books. It was found that the items
used most frequently were reviews of children’s books as well as
items relating to holidays and special events. Efforts are being
made to increase the circulation of
Jewish Books in Review.
Library Survey
A survey was conducted of the two hundred and forty-three
libraries that had received citations since 1948 for meeting the
standards established by the Council. It was undertaken by Dr.
Marcia Posner and members of the Library and Publications
Committee. More than one hundred and fifty libraries, of which
twenty-four are Center libraries, responded. The questionnaire
returns provided data on the work of the various libraries and
will be useful in preparing a new edition of the Council’s
Standards For Jewish Libraries in Synagogues, Schools
and Centers.
report on the survey was presented by Dr. Posner at the 1985
Spring Executive Board meeting. The full report is available at
the Council office.