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1985 National Jewish Book Awards
D r . M o s e s L e o G i t e l s o n A w a r d ,
b y
Dr. Susan Aure­
lia Gitelson.
Martin Bubers Life and Work
by Maurice Friedman (E.P. Dutton)
In naming Maurice Friedman’s third volume o f his massive
Martin Bubers Life and Work: The Later Years, 1945-1965 ,
the winner o f the 1985 National Jewish Book Award in
Biography, the judges wish to honor the collective achievement
o f the entire work. Taking his cue from one o f Buber’s central
ideas — the concept o f dialogue — Professor Friedman has
merged the study o f Buber’s thought within the context o f the
events o f his active life. The result is a work that can be regarded
as definitive.
J u d g e s :
Dr. Walter Dubler, Herbert H. Lehman College;
Dorothea Strauss, author; David A. Teutsch, Reconstructionist
Congregations and Havurot.
W i l l i a m (Z e v ) F r a n k M e m o r i a l A w a r d ,
b y
Ellen and
David Scheinfeld.
Good I f It Goes
by Gary Provost and Gail Levine-Freidus
(Bradbury Press)
Good I f It Goes
is the story o f David, a twelve-year-old called
upon to become a man, in fact as well as in Jewish ritual, much
faster than he would have preferred. This book moves as grace­
fully and swiftly as the best o f the players on David’s basketball
team. Provost and co-author Levine-Freidus have blended con­
vincing family portraits, good snappy dialogue, and believable
events to shape a work that demonstrates unusual literary
quality, as well as strong Jewish family and group values. This is a
work young modern readers will truly enjoy.
J u d g e s :
Rita Frischer, librarian; Doris Orenstein, teacher; Doris
Orgel, author.