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teenth century. These immigrants built the fundamental struc­
tures of the American Jewish community of today. Drawing
upon a rich array of sources, Cohen presents a stimulating analy­
sis of the first Jews and how they faced the need to define them­
selves and defend their community in the relatively open society
of America.
J u d g e s :
Dr. Robert Chazan, Queens College; Dr. Paula Hyman,
dean, Seminary College; Ruth Fein, American Jewish Historical
r a n k
a n d
t h e l
S . C
o h e n
w a r d
Halakhic Man
by Joseph B. Soloveitchik, translated by Lawrence
Kaplan (The Jewish Publication Society)
Halakhic Man
is Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik’s definitive state­
ment of what it means to live according to the dictates of Jewish
Law. Using categories of thought well known to twentieth-
century philosophical and anthropological discussion, the “Rav”
defines halakhic man by contrasting him with
homo religiosus
cognitive man. The result is a magnificent tapestry of classical
Jewish teaching, contemporary Jewish thought, anecdotal
material, and even an occasional autobiographical glimpse of one
of the greatest Talmudists and thinkers of the twentieth century.
J u d g e s :
Dr. Sid Z. Leiman, Brooklyn College; Leonard Fein,
editor, Moment Magazine; Rabbi Marc Gellman, Temple Beth
S a r a h
K u s h n e r M e m o r i a l A w a r d
The Wars of the Lord
, Seymour Feldman, translator (The Jewish
Publication Society)
Seymour Feldman’s translation and edition of Gersonides’
Wars of the Lord
is a judicious, scholarly presentation of one of the
most central Jewish philosophical works of the Middle Ages. This
first trans la tion o f the book into a m odern language is
meticulously executed and annotated. In addition, it is prefaced
by a sensitive and thorough introduction to Gersonides’ life and
philosophy. While being of great value to specialists who will find
here a reliable translation and edition, it is also accessible to Jew­