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ish intellectuals. The successful achievement of these two goals
should serve as a paradigm for future scholars attempting to
make traditional Jewish texts available to a mature audience.
J u d g e s :
Dr. Arnold Band, UCLA; Dr. Marcia Rozenblit, Uni­
versity of Maryland; Dr. Haym Soloveitchik, Yeshiva University.
e o n
L . G
i l d e s g a m e
w a r d
The Rothschild Mahzor
by Evelyn M. Cohen (The Library/The Jew­
ish Theological Seminary of America)
The Rothschild Mahzor
is one of the most lavishly illuminated
Jewish liturgical manuscripts of 15th-century Italy. Completed in
the year Columbus set sail for America, it provides a fascinating
glimpse into the brilliant and highly cultivated world of the Ital­
ian Renaissance Jew. The Jewish Theological Seminary, which
received the manuscript as a gift from Baron Edmond de
Rothschild, has published a volume whose scholarly text, beauti­
fully printed reproductions, and elegant design enable us for the
first time to appreciate and study the work’s esthetic, cultural,
and historical significance.
J u d g e s :
Dr. Sheila Schwartz, editor, Whitney Museum; Dr. Mi­
chael Jacoff, Brooklyn College; Sylvia Hershkowitz, Yeshiva Uni­
versity Museum.
T h e W o r k m e n ’s C i r c l e A w a r d
Fun Ash Un Fayer IzDayn Kroyn
by Shea Tenenbaum (CYCO Pub­
lishing House)
This 25th volume of Shea Tenenbaum ’s published works
consists of over fifty lyrical essays, memoirs and stories.
Fun Ash
Un Fayer Iz Dayn Kroyn (O f ash and fire is your crown)
recreates the
worlds of Jewish writers, painters, sculptors and musicians of the
past half century in Europe and America. Among the outstand­
ing personalities portrayed are Marc Chagall, Sholem Asch, Saul
Raskin, and Jacob Epstein. This book is an invaluable mine of in­
formation and poetic reflection.
J u d g e s :
Joseph Mlotek, Jewish Daily Forward; Dr. Emanuel
Goldsmith, Queens College; Samuel Schneiderman, author.