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Mandelkern’s sarcastic words, “went after Fiirst like a blind man
in a chimney” incorporated those additions and corrections
which had been published in Ftirst’s learned journal
Der Orient
after the publication of his concordance, and he added German
translations of each headword (in Hebrew script), but many of
Buxtorfs mistakes which Fiirst had already corrected found
their way again into Bar’s edition.
In the early 1830’s an Irish clergyman by the name of William
Burgh (or DeBurgh) began to compile a new concordance some­
what along the lines of Taylor’s work which by then had long
been out of print. He conceived a plan according to which each
Hebrew and Aramaic word in the Bible would be listed
alphabetically, followed by all corresponding English verses in
which that word occurred and had been translated. Burgh was,
however, unable to complete the work, and his manuscript was
edited and published by his friend George V. Wigram
(1805-1879) with the help of a small army of collaborators and
helpers. In the preface to his
The Englishmans Hebrew and Chaldee
concordance o f the Old Testament
41Wigram described in minute de­
tail the system used in the compilation of the work, which en­
tailed cutting up two copies of a Bible, followed by a laborious
and complex process of pasting, cutting, and pasting up again of
thin strips of paper, each containing the lines of one verse, the
collation of thousands of slips on which each word and its locator
had been written, several separate stages of proofreading and
collating, and so on. Each stage in the process was performed by
people designated according to their tasks as Markers, Cutters,
Pasters, Distributors, and Readers. This is the only concordance
among those considered here that contains such a detailed ac­
count of its compilation, although all of them must have gone
through similar stages of time-consuming, tedious and tiresome
The first edition of Wigram’s concordance, for which he had a
41 Wigram, George V.
The Englishman’s Hebrew and Chaldee concordance of the Old
Testament, being an attempt at a verbal connexion between the original and the English
translation . . .
London: Longman, 1843. xvi, 1682, 78 p. 2nd ed. 1860; 3rd ed.
1866, 1874; 4th ed. 1880; 5th ed. 1890, reprinted 1963, 1972.