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S o l o m o n
B i r n b a u m ,
The H ebrew Scripts.
2 vols. Leiden: E.J. Brill,
1971, and London: Palaeographia, 1954-57. The first, text, volume
describes many specific manuscripts and includes some alphabet
charts. The second volume contains many facsimiles and charts.
Ashkenazic manuscripts are covered in vol. 1, cols. 300-312 and vol.
2, facsims. 335-382.
A r o n F r e im a n n
Thesaurus typographiae hebraicae saeculi x v
8 nos.,
Berlin, 1924-31; reprinted as one volume, Jerusalem, 1968. Shows
facsimiles o f virtually every Hebrew type face used in the fifteenth
century. Referred to as
J e w i s h
Stud ies M icro f iche P ro ject . Yiddish Books on Microfiche.
Zug, Switzerland: Inter Documentation Company, 1976? Selected
by Professor Chone Shmeruk, the first set o f more than one hun­
dred Yiddish books, contains much o f what has survived from the
first century o f Yiddish printing. Referred to as IDC.
Other sources can also be tapped for facsimiles. Virtually every sec­
ondary source dealing with Yiddish bibliography or Yiddish literature
contains facsimiles; some o f these are referenced in the notes. Almost
every book mentioned without a location is to be found in Cincinnati.
Finally, in my article, “Variety in the Typography o f Yiddish,”
Union College A nnu a l
53 (1982): 137-163, there is a facsimile o f every
known variety o f
Yiddish Type
up to 1635.