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disssertations, most o f the university research carried out in Can­
ada on Judaic-related subjects is accessible in the library too. In
addition, the library subscribes to all known ethnic newspapers
published in Canada, including Jewish newspapers published in
Yiddish, English, French, Hebrew, Hungarian and Russian. The
library’s Music Division collects all Jewish music published in
Canada (received on legal deposit) or by Canadian artists. Alto­
gether the National Library has substantial holdings for research
on Canadian Jewish history, literature and culture.
Like other national and university libraries, the National
Library has benefitted from several impressive gifts o f Hebraica
and Judaica over the years. To mark the Centennial o f Canadian
Confederation in 1967, the Canadian Jewish Congress presented
to the library on behalf o f the Jewish communities o f Canada a
collection o f several thousand volumes o f modern Hebraica and
Judaica, including Israeli Hebrew scholarship and belles-lettres,
Yiddish literature from North and South America, Europe and
Israel, and miscellaneous American and European Judaica. This
important gift was later supplemented in 1975 by several hun­
dred volumes o f Hebraica and Judaica from the private collec­
tion o f Rabbi Samuel Cass o f Vancouver and Montreal, including
a number o f 19th century rabbinic works. Most significant was
the acquisition in 1982 o f the Valmadonna Collection o f Judaica
(non-Hebraica), a research collection o f considerable value. This
collection, built in England and amalgamating the libraries o f sev­
eral recognized European scholars, is comprised o f several thou­
sand volumes o f modern scholarly Judaica, largely English and
German. These volumes reflect virtually every area o f Jewish
studies over the past century: philology and lexicography
(Hebrew, Aramaic, Arabic, Syriac), biblical studies, the Dead Sea
scrolls, talmudic and medieval Hebrew literature, Jewish (espe­
cially Anglo-Jewish) history, philosophy and mysticism, art and
music, German Judaica and Festschriften, and Zionism.
The acquisitions o f both the Cass and the Valmadonna collec­
tions have added significant runs o f Jewish serials to the holdings
o f the National Library, some o f them early and rare periodicals
o f great research value. The library’sserials holdings now include
over 100 titles o fJewish interest, among them complete or incom­
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