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collection from Padua), fragments from the Cairo Genizah, and
rare printed books, including incunabula and 16th century
imprints; there are also several reels o f films o f Hebraic manu­
scripts from the Hungarian Museum in Budapest. In addition,
the microfilm collection contains several reels o f 15th century
biblical manuscripts held in the Biblioteca Berio in Genoa, Italy,
as well as films o f some other scattered unpublished manuscripts.
The Lowy and Hayes Collections are supplemented by a series
o f valuable microfilm collections from the library o f the Jewish
Theological Seminary in New York, including films o f the Semi­
nary’s entire collection o f Hebrew incunabula (the largest such
collection in the world), parts o f its collection o f rare Hebraica
(16th to 19th centuries), its collection o f the disparate works o f
the Hebrew bibliographer Steinschneider (many with marginal
annotations), its history o f science collection, and several other
diverse collections. The National Library continues to develop its
collections o f Hebraica and Judaica on microfilm and microfiche,
although budgetary constraints make the acquisition o f many
items increasingly difficult. The entire microform collection is
stored in the Lowy Room, where film and fiche readers are avail­
able for the use o f these materials.
The Hebraica and Judaica collections are supported by an
extensive reference collection in the field o f Hebraic and Judaic
bibliography and general reference literature, which is main­
tained in the Lowy Room. This reference collection, comprised o f
nearly 1,000 volumes in Hebrew, English, German, French, Ital­
ian and other languages, is the most complete o f its kind in Can­
ada and o f great value for research in the history o f Hebrew
printing and o f texts. Included are the catalogues o f the major
collections o f Hebraica and Judaica, both printed books and
manuscripts, in national, university, and public libraries around
the world. The collection is particularly strong in the area o f incu­
nabula and rare Hebraica, and includes numerous bibliographic
studies on the development and spread o f Hebrew printing by
the outstanding modern scholars, together with the older pio­
neering works o f the Christian Hebraists and the firstJewish writ­
ers in this field. Bibliographic studies on Bibles and general
Judaica, includingJewish Canadiana, are also found here, as well