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as a number o f relevant American, European and Israeli biblio­
graphic journals. Microfilms o f some important bibliographic
works are also held, most notably the unpublished
History and
Annals o f Hebrew Printing in the Fifteenth and Sixteenth Centuries
Moses Marx, and theJudaica catalogue o f the Hebrew University
Library in Jerusalem. The Lowy Room also holds a copy — gen­
erally unavailable but bibliographically indispensable — o f the
card catalogue o f Hebrew and Yiddish titles (to 1975) held at the
Library o f Congress in Washington.
The National Library is one o f several institutions in Canada
with extensive or significant holdings o f Hebraica and Judaica.
(Other collections o f note are found in Montreal, Toronto,
Winnipeg and Edmonton.) The Canadian Union Catalogue,
maintained at the National Library, provides bibliographic con­
trol for Hebraica and Judaica held in reporting repositories
across Canada; since 1980 this access is provided on-line through
DOB IS, the library’s own automated bibliographic system. Thus
the National Library is not only itself a repository, but also one o f
the major bibliographic resources in Canada for research in the
fields o f Canadian Jewry, modern Jewish scholarship, and rare
Hebrew books and manuscripts.