Page 212 - Jewish Book Annual Volume 44

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Emma Lazarus and Arnold Zweig stand for those many Jewish
authors who have found a permanent place in the respective literĀ­
atures o f their countries, yet did not neglect theirJewish heritage.
Scholars and religious leaders o f the more distant past, such as
Alexander Schor and Akiba Eger, remind us o f our long chain o f
tradition, whereas Leser Landshuth, Isaiah Sonne, and Simon
Gerson Bernstein helped recreate our past in more recent times.
Contemporary American rabbi-scholars Sidney Greenberg and
W. Guenther Plaut continue this never ending quest to illuminate
what has been handed down to us.
The poets, story tellers, scholars, and publishers, they all are
part and parcel o f our literary patrimony.
Without special date: Yizhak Tabenkin, Meyer Waxman.
January: 1, Joseph Opatoshu; 16, Nachman Mayzel; 25, Berl Katznel-
son; 29, Alexander Schor; 30, Barbara Tuchman.
February: 4, Aaron Hyman; Hayyim Judah Ehrenreich; 11, Zalman
Shneour; 26, Isaiah Sonne.
March: 3, Abba Gordin; 11, Alexander Kahn; 12, Akiba Joseph Schle-
singer; 15, Daniel Persky; 21, Jacob De Haas; 23, Leser (Eliezer)
April: 3, Nathan Birnbaum, Judah Loeb Cahan.
May: 3, Morris U. Schappes; 6, Akiba (Arthur) Posner; 16, Samuel
Baeck; 18, Sidney S. Tedesche; 22, Joseph Tenenbaum; 25, Efraim
Elimelech Urbach; 29, Yehoshua Bar-Yosef, Asher Ben-Yisrael; 30,
Jacob Ariel.
June: 23, Israel Hayyim Daiches.
July: 4, Matityahu Shoham; 7, Louis Rittenberg; 11, Judah Leib Mai-
mon; 16, Abraham Coralnick; 20, Reuben Alcalay; 27, Moses A.
August: 8, Daniel Persky; 14, Leon Gellman; 31, Samuel Goldensohn.
September: 17, Boris A. Kletzkin; 18, Robert L. Katz; 20, Abraham
Abele (Adolf) Ehrlich; 22, Benjamin J. Bialostotzky; 27, Sidney
Greenberg, David Werbelowski.
October: 12, Akiba Eger.
November: 1,W. Guenther Plaut; 10, Joshua Prawer, Arnold Zweig; 14,
Haim Beinart, Emanuel Gamoran; 15, Zerubavel Gilead; 19, Emma
Lazarus; 27, Yosef Kafah.
December: 4, Devorah Baron; 17, Simon Gerson Bernstein; 23, Jakob
Freimann, Halper Leivick; 25, Yigal Mossinsohn; 31, Max Freuden-