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R e u b en A l c a l a y .
80th birthday. Born in Jerusalem, July 20, 1907.
graduate o f the Jerusalem teachers institute, he was active as trans­
lator to the British mandatory government before the establishment
o f Israel. Since then he has fulfilled similar tasks, editing the
ment Yearbook
and several dictionaries, Hebrew-English, English-
Hebrew, and Hebrew alone that have been reprinted many times.
J a c o b A r i e l .
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Minsk, Russia, May 30,
1887, died in Los Angeles in 1954. In the United States since 1906,
he was a Hebrew teacher through most o f his life. He wrote a num­
ber o f Hebrew plays for the holidays, one in English,
The Queen o f
Beauty; a Comedy in Four Acts, Based on the Book o f Esther
S am u e l B a e c k .
75th anniversary o f death. Born in Kromau, Moravia,
Austria-Hungary, now Czechoslovakia, in 1834, died in Lissa,
Germany (now Leszno, Poland), May 16, 1912. An active rabbi, he
took the initiative to have Jewish religion taught in the public high
schools o f Prussia. For this purpose he also wrote a textbook inJew­
ish history that passed through several editions. It served also as the
basis for an early history o f the Jews in Russian edited by Simon
Dubnow, who later produced a major work on Jewish history. His
son was Leo Baeck, the last spiritual leader o f German Jewry.
Y e h o s h u a B a r -Y o s e f .
75th birthday. Born in Safed, May 29, 1912. One
o f the few earlier Hebrew writers born in Israel, he describes in his
novels and plays the old community before the transformation by
the Zionist settlement. A major work o f his has his hometown for a
setting. He has been a newspaper writer and columnist with the
major newspapers o f Israel.
D e v o r a h B a r o n .
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Ozdah, Russia,
December 4, 1887, died in Tel Aviv in 1956. She had begun writing
Hebrew stories even before her immigration to Palestine in 1911.
Her stories and novels deal in a feeling way with her surroundings,
both the warmth and insecurities o f the shtetl as well as the new life
in the land o f Israel. In her later years she also utilized her sickness
as a theme o f her writings. In English there appeared a collection o f
her stories under the title,
The Thorny Path
Haim B e in a r t . 70th birthday. Born in Pskov, Russia, November 14,
1917. In Palestine since 1937, he studied history at the Hebrew U n i ­
versity, where he is now teaching. H e has concentrated on the his­
tory o f Spanish Jewry and also the Inquisition. Some o f his books
have been published in Spanish. In English translation there
Trujillo, aJewish Community in Extremadura on the Eve o f the
Expulsion from Spain
(1980) and
Conversos on Trial; the Inquisition in
Ciudad Real
A s h e r B e n -Y i s r a e l .
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Safed, Pales­