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library o f 2,000 books had been given after his death to Yivo in
Vilna, but was not recovered after the war.
A b r a h a m C o r a l n i k .
50th anniversary o f death. Born in Uman, Russia,
in 1883, died in New York July 16, 1937.
A n
early Zionist, he edited
for a while the official Zionist journal in Vienna in 1904. He later
served as foreign correspondent for German and Russian papers in
various European capitals before coming to New York and writing
for the Yiddish daily,
Der Tog
(The Jewish Day). He wrote essays on
Jewish literature and contemporary Jewish life in Yiddish, although
originally he had been more proficient in German and Russian.
I s r a e l H a y y im D a ic h e s .
50th anniversary o f death. Born in Lithuania
in 1850, died in Leeds, England, June 23, 1937. A leading Orthodox
rabbi in England, he attempted to reconcile assimilated Jews with
tradition by liberal interpretation o f the laws. His scholarly work
dealt mainly with theJerusalem T almud to which he devoted several
studies. He also edited some earlier responsa works.
J a c o b
H a a s .
50th anniversary o f death. Born in London in 1872,
died in New York, March 21, 1937. An early Zionist he was sent to
the United States by Herzl to win American Jewry for this cause.
Throughout his life he carried out this mission, even though he was
faced with ideological opposition within the movement. He is cred­
ited with having won Louis D. Brandeis to Zionism, and the prestige
o f this figure, later appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court,
redounded to its benefit. He wrote two biographies,
Theodor Herzl
(1927) and
Louis D. Brandeis (
1929). In collaboration with Stephen S.
Wise he published
The Great Betrayal
(1930) in opposition to British
policy in Palestine. He also edited a one-volume Jewish encyclope­
Encyclopedia o fJewish Knowledge
(1934, 1938) the first such work
in many years.
A k ib a E g e r .
150 anniversary o f death. Born in Eisenstadt, Austria, in
1761, died in Posen, Germany (now Poznan, Poland), October 12,
1837. An active rabbinic leader throughout his life, he became chief
rabbi o f Posen at a time when the Haskalah challenged the tradi­
tional views that he represented. In his career he made only slight
concessions to his opponents, but managed to conciliate them. An
author o f responsa and commentaries on various parts o f the
Talmud, he counted among his students such modern Jewish schol­
ars as Julius Fuerst, the author o f a biblical concordance, and Jacob
Levy, the author o f a Hebrew-German dictionary o f the rabbinic
H a y y im J u d a h E h r e n r e i c h .
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in
Hungary, February 10, 1887, died in the Holocaust in Lublin,
Poland, in 1942. A rabbinic scholar o f note he officiated in several
communities in Hungary and Czechoslovakia. For a number o f