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years he edited a rabbinic journal and also published the prayer-
book o f Rav Amram Gaon.
A b r a h a m A b e l e ( A d o l f ) E h r l i c h .
150th anniversary o f birth. Born in
Mitau, Russia, September 20, 1837, died in Tilsit, Germany, 1913.
After academic studies in Germany and Jewish training by Michael
Sachs, the leading modern Orthodox rabbi in Berlin at that time, he
headed the Jewish school in Riga, founded by the Russian govern­
ment to promote integration o f theJews. Later he was rabbi in Tilsit.
Among his publications was a history o f the school in Riga, which
throws an important light on the intellectual life o f Russian Jewry.
He also wrote notes on Sachs’ edition o f the prayerbook.
J a k o b F re im ann .
50th anniversary o f death. Born in Cracow, Poland, in
1866, died in Spindlermuehle, Germany, December 23, 1937. A
modern Orthodox rabbi, he served communities in Holleschau,
Austria-Hungary, now Czechoslovakia; Posen, Germany, also after
it became Poznan, Poland; and finally in Berlin. In the latter com­
munity he also taught at the Orthodox rabbinical seminary. He
edited several medieval rabbinic texts, among them Gaonic res­
ponsa, and also participated in the editing o f the
Siddur Rashi
and an
edition o f the
Sefer Hasidim,
the important medieval ethical work.
M a x F r e u d e n t h a l .
50th anniversary o f death. Born in Neuhaus,
Germany, in 1868, died in Nuernberg, Germany, December 31,
1937. A prominent Liberal rabbi he officiated for many years in the
latter community. His field o f study was the history o f the German
Jews, one o f his works dealing with that community. Another book
dealt with the Jewish visitors to the annual fair in Leipzig, which for
several centuries attracted merchants from all over the world. He
also engaged in genealogical studies o f German Jewish families.
E m a n u e l G am o r a n .
25th anniversary o f death. Born in Belz, Russia, in
1895, died in New York, November 14,1962. For many years he was
director o f education o f the Union o f American Hebrew Congrega­
tions, the federation o f Reform congregations. It was under his
guidance that a new and more intensive curriculum for the religious
schools affiliated with this Union was developed. He edited a whole
series o f textbooks for this purpose. His philosophy was expressed
Changing Conceptions in Jewish Education
(1924, 1975). It surveys
Jewish education in Eastern Europe and the United States and
advocates greater adherence to tradition. He also co-authored a
series o f textbooks for the study o f Hebrew. Posthumously there
Emanuel Gamoran, His Life and His Work
(1979), which
includes a section o f his writings and a biographical sketch.
L e o n G e l lm a n .
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Yampol, Russia,
August 14, 1887, died in Jerusalem, 1973. Active as a Hebrew edu­
cator in St. Louis since 1910, he also edited Yiddish magazines and