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was a prominent leader in the Mizrachi movement in this country,
eventually becoming its national president. In 1949 he moved to
Israel after having been elected president o f the World Mizrachi
Organization. He published several books in Hebrew and Yiddish,
dealing with his cause and with Judaism in general. An important
contribution was his study o f the responsa and sermons o f Ezekiel
Landau, the 18th century chief rabbi o f Prague, one o f the defend­
ers o f traditional Judaism against incipient Reform. He likewise
edited a memorial volume honoring the Jewish community o f his
Z e r u b a v e l G i l e a d .
75th birthday. Born in Bendery, Bessarabia,
November 15, 1912. Since 1922 he has been in Palestine, for many
years a member o f the Kibbutz Ein Harod. In addition to fiction and
poetry he has written on the resistance in the period o f the Holo­
caust and on the Palmach, part o f the underground movement o f
Jews before the establishment o f Israel. In English translation a
selection o f his poems appeared under the title,
Pomegranate Tree in
(1983), also his autobiography,
Gideon’s Spring, a Man and
his Kibbutz
S am u e l G o ld e n s o h n .
25th anniversary o f death. Born in Kalvaria,
Poland, in 1878, died in Stamford, Connecticut, August 31, 1962. A
prominent Reform rabbi, who served at Temple Emanu-El in New
York and as president o f the Central Conference o f American Rab­
bis, his sermons and essays were published posthumously under the
World Problems and Personal Religion
A b b a G o r d i n .
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in the neighborhood o f
Vilna, March 3, 1887, died in Tel Aviv in 1964. An anarchist who
did not leave the Soviet Union until 1926, when he came to this
country, he advocated his cause in voluminous Yiddish writings. In
his last years he edited a Hebrew-Yiddish journal in Israel. His only
work in English was
Communism Unmasked
(1940) written under the
impact o f the Stalin-Hitler Pact.
S id n e y G r e e n b e r g .
70th birthday. Born in New York September 27,
1917. For many years a Conservative rabbi in Philadelphia, he has
published volumes o f sermons,
(Adding Life to Our Years,
ing Ourselves,
Say Yes to Life,
Lessons fo r Living,
prayer services for young people, and popular anthologies
(A Trea­
sury o f Comfort,
1954, 1975, 1983,
The Bar Mitzvah Companion,
A Modem Treasury o fJewish Thoughts,
aro n
y m a n
. 50th anniversary o f death. Born in Slutsk, Russia, in
1863, died in Te l-Aviv, February 4, 1937. From 1906 until his move
to Te l-Av iv he was active in the London Jewish community. H e pub ­
lished in Hebrew an anthology o f Talmudic quotations, also a bio­
graphical dictionary o f the talmudic sages.