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Y o s e f K a f a h .
70th birthday. Born in San’a, Yemen, November 27,1917.
A gold and silver smith in Yemen, who emigrated to Palestine in
1943, he continued his occupation before turning to literary
endeavors. As a Yemenite Jewish scholar he mastered Judeo-Arabic
and prepared many new Hebrew translations o f Judeo-Arabic
works by Saadiah, Maimonides, and other Jewish sages. He also
brought the world o f the Yemenite Jew to the attention o f the Israeli
public with Hebrew books on their history and civilization.
A l e x a n d e r K a h n .
25th anniversary o f death. Born in Smolensk, Russia,
in 1881, died in New York, March 11, 1962. In America since his
youth he became a lawyer and political activist on the liberal and
socialist side o f the spectrum. Throughout his life he was associated
with the
Jewish Daily Forward,
the major Yiddish daily in New York.
He was among its founders, served as its legal council and finally
became its general manager.
R o b e r t
K a t z .
70th birthday. Born in Fort Dodge, Iowa, September
18, 1917. An ordained Reform rabbi, he has been professor o f
human relations at his alma mater, the Hebrew Union College in
Cincinnati for many years. His works include
Empathy, its Nature and
its Uses
(1963) and
Pastoral Care and theJewish Tradition
(1985). These
are pioneering efforts to broaden the curriculum o f rabbinical semi­
naries to meet the concerns o f the present-day laity.
B e r l K a t z n e l s o n .
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Bobruisk, Russia,
January 25,1887, died inJerusalem in 1944. In Palestine since 1908,
he became a leader among the Jewish workers and helped organize
the institutions, such as the Histadrut, the labor federation, and
Mapai, the labor party, which were so important in the development
o f the Jewish state. His speeches, articles and letters were collected
and published in his lifetime and posthumously in several large col­
B o r i s
K l e t z k i n .
50th anniversary o f death. Born in Horodich,
Russia, in 1875, died in Vilna, September 17, 1937. He was a pub­
lisher o f Yiddish books and magazines, who through his selection o f
works on all conceivable subjects tried to enlarge the horizon o f his
readers. He also promoted translations o f works from world litera­
ture into Yiddish.
L e s e r (E l i e z e r ) L a n d s h u t h .
100th anniversary o f death. Born in Lissa,
Germany, in 1817, died in Berlin, Germany, March 23, 1887. A self-
taughtJewish scholar, he concentrated on theJewish liturgy, partic­
ularly in the field o f Piyutim, the hymns that are part o f the tradi­
tional service. He also wrote about the history o f the Jews in Berlin.
Some o f his historical studies were used by others without acknowl­
Emma L a z a r u s .
100th anniversary o f death. Born in New York in 1849,