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died there, November 19, 1887. Although her family was o f Sephar­
dic origin, she had a good command o f German and was thus able to
publish translations o f some o f the poems o f Heinrich Heine (
and Ballads o f Heinrich Heine,
1881) and write a novel based on the
life o fJohann Wolfgang von Goethe
(Alide, an Episode o f Goethe’sLife,
1874). A forthright defender o f her people and faith against attacks,
she wrote
An Epistle to the Hebrews
(1882; reissued by the American
Federation o f Zionists in 1900) and
Songs o f a Semite
(1882, 1970).
She is best remembered as the author o f the poem, “The New Colos­
sus,” written in 1883 and inscribed at the base o f the Statue o f Lib­
erty in 1903.
H a l p e r L e iv ic k .
25th anniversary o f death. Born in Igumen, Russia, in
1888, died in New York, December 23, 1962. Coming from a poor
family, he rebelled against his environment and eventually ended
up in Siberia. He escaped in 1913 and came to this country to endure
additional hardships before he won recognition as one o f the major
Yiddish poets o f his generation. His original outlook naturally col­
ored his poetry. The Holocaust made a profound impression on
him as he visited the concentration camps after the war and gave
voice to his feelings. His play,
The Golem
(1921), was performed from
1924 on. It recently was translated into English and published in an
anthology by Joseph Landis (
Dybbuk and other Great Yiddish Plays,
and will be reprinted this year in
Three Great Jewish Plays in
Modern Translation,
edited by Landis.
M o s e s
L i c h t e n s t a d t .
200th anniversary o f birth. Born in Lublin,
Poland, July 27, 1787, died in Odessa, Russia, in 1870. A well-to-do
businessman in Odessa, who supported all kinds o f charities and
gave scholarships to poor students, he also wrote articles for the
Haskalah Hebrew journals at that time. His one book was a polemic
refuting the claims o f the Karaites against rabbinic tradition.
J u d a h L e i b M a im on .
25th anniversary o f death. Born in Marculesti,
Bessarabia, in 1875, died in Jerusalem, July 11, 1962. A traditional
rabbi he joined the Mizrachi movement as a young man and settled
in Palestine in 1913. Throughout his life he was active in organized
Zionism, becoming eventually the leader o f the Mizrachi Organiza­
tion and after the establishment o f Israel minister o f religions for
many years. At the same time he founded the Mosad Rav Kook, the
rabbinic research institute and publishing house. For many years he
edited the major rabbinical journal
In addition he wrote mas­
sive biographical works about rabbis in the past generation. In Eng­
lish there appeared
The History o f the Mizrachi Movement
N a c h m a n M a y z e l .
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Kiev, Russia, Jan­
uary 16, 1887, died in New York in 1966. Throughout his life he
wrote criticism o f Yiddish literature, also edited several journals for