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prepared a very popular
Children's Service fo r the High Holy Days
A k i b a ( A r t h u r ) P o s n e r .
25th anniverary o f death. Born in Samter,
Germany, in 1890, died in Jerusalem, May 6, 1962.
Orthodox rabbi in Kiel, Germany, he came to Palestine in 1934 and
eventually was appointed librarian o f the Heichal Shlomo, the chief
rabbinate’s headquarters inJerusalem. Along with several bibliogra­
phies o f prominent Jewish scholars, he also edited several volumes
in memory o f communities o f his native province o f Posen or
Poznan. In Germany he had published a German translation o f and
commentary on the book o f Micah.
J o s h u a P r a w e r .
70th birthday. Born in Bedzin, Poland, November 10,
1917. In Palestine since 1936 he has been teaching at the Hebrew
University in Jerusalem and also was active in curriculum develop­
ment for secondary schools in Israel. His primary interest has been
the period o f the Crusades. A number o f his works have been pub­
lished in English, such as
The Crusaders’ Kingdom; European Colonial­
ism in the Middle Ages
The World o f the Crusaders
(1973), and
Crusader Institutions
R i t t e n b e r g .
25th anniversary o f death. Born in Tiszaujlak,
Hungary, in 1892, died in New York, July 7, 1962. For a number o f
years he was engaged in American Jewish journalism, editing
among other papers
The American Hebrew.
This brought him in con­
tact with Isaac Landmann, who served as the guiding spirit o f the
Universal Jewish Encyclopedia
(1939-1943, 1969), the 10-volume
popular Jewish reference work that was an important achievement
o f American Jewry, especially during the difficult times o f World
War II. He was the managing editor o f this gigantic project. He also
translated many Hungarian novels and plays into English.
M o r r i s
Schappe s .
80th birthday. Born in Kamenets-Podolsk, Russia,
May 3, 1907. In the United States since childhood, he has been a
teacher o f language, literature, and history in various institutions o f
higher learning in the New York area. He also has been associated
with the radical Jewish magazine,
Jewish Currents,
an anthology of
whose articles he edited
(Jewish Currents Reader,
1966). He also
Emma Lazarus, Selections from her Poetry and Prose
(1944; 5th
ed., 1982) and
A Documentary History o f the Jews in the United States,
(1950; 3rd ed., 1971). He likewise wrote
The Jews in the
United States, a Pictorial History, 1654 to the Present
A k i b a J o s e p h S c h l e s in g e r .
150th anniversary o f birth. Born in Bratis­
lava, Czechoslovakia, March 12, 1837, died in Jerusalem in 1922.
disciple o f Moses Sofer and an uncompromising opponent o fJewish
modernism, he thought to save Jewish tradition by the establish­
ment o f a separate Jewish community in Palestine. He settled there