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Y i z h a k T a b e n k in .
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Bobruisk, Russia,
in 1887, died in Israel in 1971. In Palestine since 1912, he was a lead­
ing figure in the Kibbutz movement and in the fractious socialist
establishment o f the country. Although an avowed socialist, he
opposed subservience to the Soviet communist party. Throughout
his life he spoke and wrote vigorously to advocate his views. A
memorial institute at his Kibbutz in Efal perpetuates his name with
several periodicals and conferences to carry on in his spirit.
S id n e y S. T e d e s c h e .
25th anniversary o f death. Born in Elmwood Place,
Ohio, in 1890, died in Hollywood, Florida, May 18, 1962. A Reform
rabbi he officiated in Brooklyn for many years. His particular inter­
est was the Apocryphal literature. He prepared
A Critical Edition o f I
(1929) and translations and commentaries o f the first and sec­
ond books o f Maccabees (1954-1962).
Jo se ph T e n en b a um .
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Sasov, Poland,
May 22, 1887, died in New York in 1961. A physician, who had
served in the Austrian army during World War I, he came to this
country in 1920 and continued in his chosen profession, but also
took an active part inJewish life. He promoted the Anti-Nazi boycott
during the 1930’s and was active in the World Jewish Congress and
the American Federation o f PolishJews. His war experiences are the
theme o f his stories collected under the title
Mad Heroes; Skeletons and
Sketches o f the Eastern Front
(1931, 1970). The Holocaust period he
discussed in
Race and Reich; History o fan Epoch
(1956,1976). A visit to
Poland after the Holocaust he recorded in
In Search o f a Lost People;
the Old and the New Poland
B a r b a r a T u c hm a n .
75th birthday. Born in New York, January 30,
1912. A writer on various periods o f world history, who combines
thorough knowledge o f her material with an ability to make it inter­
esting to the non-specialist, so that many o f her books have become
best-sellers. She did write one work o f particular Jewish concern,
Bible and Sword
(1956, 1968, 1984). It treats o f the history o f
Palestine up to the Balfour Declaration.
Efra im E lim e lech U rb a ch . 75th birthday. Born in W loclawek, Poland,
May 25, 1912.
student and later a teacher at the Breslau rabbinical
seminary, he settled in Israel in 1938 and became eventually profes­
sor o f Ta lm ud at the Hebrew University.
major study o f his in
Hebrew is devoted to the Tosafists, the authors o f the collective com­
mentary to the Ta lm ud originating in the 12th and 13th centuries in
Western Eu rope and printed in all standard editions o f that classic.
In English translation there appeared
The Sages, Their Concepts and
(1975), concentrating on Talmudic theology, and
The Laws
Regarding Slavery
M e y e r W a xm a n .
100th anniversary o f birth. Born in Slutzk, Russia, in