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E r e n s , P a t r i c i a .
TheJ ewin American cinema.
Bloomington, Indiana Uni­
versity Press, 1985. 455 p.
Historical survey and analysis o f over 800 feature films with Jew­
ish characters and themes.
G o lo m b , M o l l i e
Psalms of love.
Melville, NY , Havura Books, 1985.
128 p. Paperbound.
Collection o f poems, many on Jewish themes.
G u r d u s , L u b a K r u gm a n
. Painful echoes: poems of theHolocaust.
New York,
Schocken, 1985. 68 p. Paperbound.
H a r tm a n , G e o f f r e y H .
B u d ic k , S a n f o r d ,
Midrash and litera­
New Haven, Yale University Press, 1986. 412 p.
H e sk e s , I r e n e .
The resource book ofJewishmusic: a bibliographical and topical
guide to the book andjournal literature andprogram materials.
CT, Greenwood, 1985. 302 p.
Annotated bibliography comprising some 1220 items.
Israeli poetry: a contemporary anthology.
Sel. and transl. by Warren Bargad
and Stanley F. Chyet. Bloomington, Indiana University Press, 1986.
273 p.
K a l i s c h , S h o s h a n a
M e i s t e r , B a r b a r a .
Yes, we sang! Songs of the
ghettos and concentration camps.
New York, Harper & Row, 1985. 160
p. Paperbound.
Includes information on the origin o f each o f the 25 listed songs
and their composers.
K r in s k y , C a r o l H e r s e l l e .
Synagogues of Europe: architecture, history,
Cambridge, MA, M IT Press, 1985. 457 p.
Includes two parts: 1) History o f Synagogue architecture from
antiquity to modern times; 2) Description o f some 100 Synagogues
in Central and Western Europe.
L a n g , B e r n h a r d .
Wisdom and the Book of Proverbs: a Hebrew goddess
New York, Pilgrim, 1986. 192 p.
M a y n e , S eym o u r ,
Essential words: an anthology of J ewish-Canadian
Ottawa, Ont., Oberon Press, 182 p. Paperbound.
Includes works by A.M. Klein, Leonard Cohen, Irving Layton,
Phyllis Gotleib, George Jonas and Tom Wayman.
M i l l e r , D a v id N e a l .
Fear offiction: narrative strategies in the works of Isaac
Bashevis Singer.
Albany, State University o f
N e w
York, 1985. 173 p.
Study based on Singer’s Yiddish texts pointing out author’s mod­
ernistic craftsmanship.
M l o t e k , C h a n e
G o t t l e i b , M a l k e ,
Yontefdige teg: the song book
for theJewishholidays.
New York, The Workmen’sCircle, 1985. 106 p.
Collection o f Yiddish songs for the holidays.
N u lm a n , M a c y .
Concepts ofJewish music and prayer.
New York, Yeshiva
University, 1985. 187 p.