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Collection o f 32 articles dealing with the role o f women in Jewish
music, a rabbi’s function in the musical service, music as a pedagogic
aid, etc.
O z e r i , Z io n M a n s o u r .
Yemenite Jews; a photographic essay.
New York,
Schocken, 1985. unp.
P a c e r n i c k , G a r y .
The Jewish poems.
Dayton, OH , Wright State Univer­
sity, 1985. 72 p.
P r e i l , G a b r i e l .
Sunset possibilities and other poems.
Tr. by Robert Friend.
Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Society, 1985. 147 p.
Poems in Hebrew with corresponding translations on opposite
R o s e n b e r g , H a r o l d .
Art and other serious matters.
Chicago, University o f
Chicago Press, 1985. 332 p.
Includes material on Jews in art and Jewish artists.
S e d -R a jn a , G a b r i e l l e .
Ancient Jewish art: east and west.
Neuchatel, Paul
Attinger, 1985. 237 p.
, C
The Esterke story in Yiddish and Polish literature: a case
study in themutual relations of two cultural traditions.
Jerusalem, Zalman
Shazar Center for the Furtherance o f the Study o f Jewish History,
1985. 119 p.
S ic h e r , E f r a im .
Beyond marginality: Anglo-Jewish literature after the Holo­
Albany, State University o f New York Press, 1985. 224 p.
S in g e r , I s a a c B a s h e v is
B u r g i n , R ic h a r d .
Conversations with Isaac
Bashevis Singer.
Garden City, NY , 1985. 178 p.
Collection o f interviews based on articles that appeared previ­
ously in the New York Times Magazine.
T a u b e , H e rm an .
Between theshadows; newandselectedworks.
Takoma Park,
MD, Dryad Press/Washington, D.C., Jewish Folk Arts Society o f
Washington, 1986. 261 p.
Poetry on Holocaust themes.
W a l d e n , D a n i e l ,
Studies in AmericanJewish literature, vol. 4: theworldof
Chaim Potok.
Albany, State University o f New York Press, 1985. 123
W e r n e r , E r ic .
The sacred bridge, vol. I I : the interdependence of liturgy and
music in Synagogue andChurch during thefirst milennium.
Hoboken, NJ,
Ktav, 1985. 271 p.
A l t e r , R o b e r t .
The art of biblical poetry.
New York, Basic Books, 1985.
228 p.
A u l d , A . G ra em e .
Joshua, Judges, and Ruth.
Philadelphia, Westminster,
1985. 282 p. Paperbound.