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Commentary focusing attention on the three principal books con­
cerning the early history o f Israel.
B a i le y ,
W a y l o n
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Biblical Hebrewgrammar.
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Rashi: interpreter of the biblical letter.
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Biblical limericks: Old Testament stories re-versed.
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The dynamics of biblical parallelism.
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Law and narrative in the Bible: the evidence of the
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The Old Testament Pseudepigrapha: volume
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New, annotated translation.
C o g g i n s ,
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Israel among the nations: a com­
mentary on the books Nahum and Obadiah.
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God’sconflict with the dragon of the sea: echoes of a Canaanite myth
in the Old Testament.
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1985. 233 p.
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Kingship ofGod in crisis: a close reading of 1 Samuel 1—12.
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Biblical interpretation in ancient Israel.
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The Book ofJob; a commentary.
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ster, 1985. 586 p.
Harper’s Bible dictionary.
New York, Harper & Row, 1985. 1178 p.
Covers both the Hebrew Bible and the New Testament, plus
materials o f Apocrypha, Pseudepigrapha, early patristic works and
Dead Sea scrolls.
K n i g h t , G e o r g e
Isaiah 56—66: The new Israel.
Grand Rapids,
M I ,
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Focuses attention on theological significance o f each chapter.
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Anthropological approaches to the Old Testament.
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L o c k s , G u tm a n G .
The spice of Torah-Gematria.
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318 p.
Lists all words o f the Pentateuch according to their numerical
M c C o n n e l l , F r a n k ,
Bible and the narrative tradition.
New York,
Oxford University Press, 1986. 152 p.