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M c C o n v i l l e ,
Ezra, Nehemiah, andEsther.
Philadelphia, Westminster,
1985. 197 p. Paperbound.
Interprets the three works as comprehensive scriptural accounts
o f the restored Judean community following the Babylonian exile.
P l a u t , G u n t h e r
B am b e r g e r , B e r n a r d ,
The Torah
a modern
New York, Union o f American Hebrew Congregations,
1985. 1787 p.
New edition o f the U A H C Torah, the same as the 1981 ed., except
that the Hebrew text is fully cantillated.
R o g e r s o n ,
Atlas of the Bible.
New York, Facts on File, 1985. 240 p.
S t e r n b e r g , M e i r .
The poetics of biblical narrative.
Bloomington, Indiana
University Press, 1985. 576 p.
S t r o n g , Jam es.
The new Strong’s exhaustive concordance of the Bible.
Nashville, TN , Thomas Nelson, 1985. 1800 p.
Included are Strong’s Hebrew and Greek lexicons.
Tanakh: a new translation of the Holy Scriptures according to the traditional
Hebrew text.
Tr. by Max Arzt, et al. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication
Society, 1985. 1624 p.
Slightly revises the texts o f the JPS translations o f Torah (1962),
The Prophets (1978) and The Writings (1982).
T i g a y , J e f f r e y
H., ed.
Empirical models of biblical criticism.
University o f Pennsylvania Press, 1985. 307 p.
“Casebook which aims to convey a feeling o f what was likely to
happen in the development o f biblical texts” (Preface, p. XII).
V a n D e r T o o r n ,
Sin and sanction in Israel andMesopotamia; a compara­
tive study.
Van Gorcum, Assen/Maastricht, The Netherlands, 1985.
252 p. + 9 plates. Paperbound.
W a l l a c e , H o w a r d
The Eden narrative.
Atlanta, GA, Scholars Press,
1985. 215 p.
Critical analysis o f mythological background and literary charac­
Aronsfeld, G.G.
The text of the Holocaust: a study of the Nazis’ extermination
propaganda 1919-1945.
Marblehead, MA, Micah, 1985. 126 p.
A s h t o r , E l iy a h u .
TheJews in Moslem Spain; vol. 3.
Tr. from the Hebrew
by Aaron Klein and Jenny Machlowitz Klein. Philadelphia, Jewish
Publication Society, 1985. 310 p.
Final volume in author’s study o f Jewish life during the “Golden
Age” o f Spanish Jewry.
A s t o r , G e r a l d .
The last Nazi: the life and times of Dr. Joseph Mengele.
York, Donald I. Fine, 1985. 305 p.