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Encyclopedia of Jewish history: events and eras of the Jewish people.
Ed. by
Joseph Alpher. New York, Facts on File, 1986. 287 p.
E r ic k s e n , R o b e r t
Theologians under Hitler: GerhardKittel, PaulAlthaus,
and Emanuel Hirsch.
New Haven, CT, Yale University Press, 1985.
245 p.
Three influential theologians who greeted the rise o f Hitler with
enthusiasm and support!
E t t i n g e r ,
S., ed.
Anti-Semitism in theSoviet Union; its roots and consequences.
Jerusalem, The Hebrew University, Center for Research and Docu­
mentation o f East-European Jewry, 1985. 397 p. Paperbound.
F a lk , H a r v e y .
Jesus the Pharisee: a new look at theJewishness ofJesus.
York, Paulist Press, 175 p. Paperbound.
The first book of Maccabees; commentary by H.A. Fischel.
New York,
Schocken, 1985. 118 p.
F la n n e r y , E d w a r d H .
The anguish of theJews: twenty-three centuries of anti-
New York, Stimulus Books/Paulist Press, 1985. 369 p.
Revised and updated edition o f the history o f anti-Semitism pub­
lished by Macmillan in 1984.
F r a n k e l , W i l l i a m ,
Survey of Jewish affairs, 1983.
Cranbury, NJ,
Fairleigh Dickinson University Press, 1985. 320 p.
Includes: coverage o f Israel; the Middle East; the U.S.A.; World
Jewry; obituary articles about Nahum Goldman and Saul Lieber­
man; chronology and necrology; selected bibliography o f new
Survey of Jewish affairs, 1985.
Cranbury, NJ, Fairleigh
Dickinson University Press, 1985. 279 p.
Contents o f volume similar to those in
Survey . .
F r e y , R o b e r t S e i t z
T h o m p s o n -F r e y , N a n c y .
The imperative of
response: the Holocaust in human contest.
Lanham, MD, University
Press o f America, 1985. 165 p. Paperbound.
Philosophic-theological reflections by a convert to Judaism.
From Holocaust to new life: a documentary volume depicting the events of the
American Gathering of Jewish Holocaust survivors.
Ed. by Michael
Berenbaum. New York, American Gathering o f Jewish Holocaust
Survivors, 1986. 270 p.
Illustrated report o f the gathering in Washington, D.C., April
11-14, 1983.
G e r b e r , H a im .
Ottoman rule in Jerusalem 1890—1914.
Berlin, Klaus
Schwarz, 1985. 343 p. Paperbound.
G i l b e r t , M a r t i n .
Atlas ofJewish history.
Cartography by Arthur Banks
and T.A . Bicknell. New York, Dorset, 1985. 124 p.
TheJews of hope: theplight of SovietJewry today.
New York,
Penguin Books, 1985. 243 p. Paperbound.