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Personal histories o f many who were refused exit permits from
U.S.S.R. combined with a general discussion o f Soviet repression.
G o l d b e r g , J a c o b .
Jewish privileges in the Polish Commonwealth: charters of
rights granted toJewish communities in Poland-Lithuania in thesixteenth to
eighteenth centuries.
Jerusalem, Israel Academy o f Sciences and
Humanities, 1985. 477 p.
Critical edition o f original Latin and Polish documents with Eng­
lish introductions and notes.
G o l d s t e i n -G o l d e n , L a z a r .
From ghetto Kovno to Dachau.
Kagan. Tr. into English
Max Rosenfeld. New York, Esther
Goldstein, 1985. 149 p. + 125 p. Yiddish text.
G o t t l i e b ,
In theshadowof theKremlin; personal sagas ofJews who risked
their lives and suffered imprisonment in Stalin’s Russia.
Tr. by Uri
Kaploun. New York, Mesorah/Jerusalem, Hillel, 1985. 239 p.
G r a n a t s t e i n , Y e c h i e l .
The war of aJ ewishpartisan: ayouth imperiled byhis
Russian comrades and Nazi conquerors.
Tr. from the Hebrew by
Charles Wengrov. Brooklyn,
N Y ,
Mesorah, 1986. 249 p. Paper-
H a c o h e n , D a v id .
Time to tell: an Israeli life, 1898—1984.
Tr. from the
Hebrew by Menachem Dagut. New York, Herzl Press, 1985. 252 p.
Author’s memoirs.
H a d a r i , Z e ’ev V e n i a
T s a h o r , Z e ’ev.
Voyage tofreedom: an episode in
the illegal immigration to Palestine.
Totowa, NJ, Biblio, 1985. 214 p.
Story o f the two banana boats operated by Mossad LeAliya Bet to
break through the British blockade.
H e c h t , I n g e b o r g .
Invisible walls: a German family under the Nurenberg
Tr. from the German by Maxwell Brownjohn. New York,
Harcourt, 1985. 136 p.
H e n k , J a g e rsm a .
A history of Israelfrom Alexander the Great to Bar Kochba.
Tr. from the Dutch by John Bowden. Philadelphia, Fortress, 1986.
224 p.
H i l b e r g , R a o u l .
The destruction of the EuropeanJews; revised edition.
York, Holmes
Meier, 1985. 1274 p.
Considerably expanded edition o f work published in 1961;
focuses attention on German planning, execution and concealment
o f their monstrous crimes.
H i l l e r , W e n d y .
Lidia: the life of Lidia Zamenhof daughter of Esperanto.
Louis, MO, George Ronald Books, 1985. 260 p. Paperbound.
H o p k in s , D a v id
The highlands of Canaan: agricultural life in the early Iron
Decatur, GA , Almond Press, 1985. 326 p.
H u n e k e , D o u g l a s
The Moses ofRovno.
N e w Y o r k , D o d d , M e a d ,
208 p.
Story o f Herman “Fritz” Graebe, a German Christian, who risked