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his life to save Jews during the Holocaust, and testified at the
Nurenberg trials against Nazis.
J a c o b , W a l t e r ,
The changing world of ReformJudaism: the Pittsburgh
Platform in retrospect.
Pittsburgh, Rodef Shalom Congregation, 1985.
123 p.
Papers presented on the occasion o f the 100th anniversary o f the
Pittsburgh Platform, February 1985.
K a p l a n , A r y e h .
Until the Mashiach: Rabbi Nachman’s biography: an anno­
tated chronology.
Ed. by David Shapiro. Brooklyn, NY , Breslov
Research Institute, 1985. 379 p.
K a r a s , J o 2 a
.Music in Terezin 1941—1945.
New York, Beaufort, 1985.223
K e s s l e r , D a v id .
The Falashas: the forgotten Jews of Ethiopia.
New York,
Schocken, 1985. 182 p. Paperbound.
A history o f the black Jews o f Ethiopia focusing attention on the
fact that the Falasha Bible was translated from the Greek and not the
K r am e r , S am u e l N o a h .
In the world of Sumer; an autobiography.
Wayne State University Press, 1986. 253 p.
K u lk a , E r i c h .
Escape from Auschwitz.
South Hadley,
M A ,
Bergin &
Garvey, 1986. 150 p.
L an zm an n , C l a u d e ,
Shoah: an oral history of the Holocaust.
New York,
Pantheon, 1985. 200 p.
Transcription o f the complete text o f the nine-and-a-half hour
oral history o f the Holocaust which served as the basis for the film.
L a u b , M o r r i s .
Last barrier tofreedom: internment ofJewish Holocaust surviv­
ors on Cyprus 1946-1949.
Berkeley, CA, 1985. 128 p. Paperbound.
History o f the camp.
L e i t n e r , I s a b e l l a
L e i t n e r , I r v i n g
Saving the fragments: from
Auschwitz to New York.
New York, New American Library, 1985. 131
Story o f author’s liberation by the Russian army, her encounters
with Polish anti-Semitism, voyage to and arrival in America.
L e r o y , B e a t r i c e .
The Jews of Navarre in the late middle ages.
Magnes Press, 1985. 278 p.
L e v i , P r im o .
Moments of reprieve.
Tr. from the Italian by Ruth Feldman.
New York, Summit, 1986. 172 p.
Survival in Auschwitz and the reawakening; two memoirs.
by Stuart Woolf. New York, Summit, 1985. 397 p.
L e w in , I s a a c .
TheJewish community in Poland; historical essays.
New York,
Philosophical Library, 1985. 247 p.
Essays on Jewish life in Poland from the 11th century to the out­
break o f World War II.
L i b e r l e s , R o b e r t .
Religious conflict in social contest: the resurgence of Ortho­