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doxJudaism in Frankfurt amMain, 1838—1877.
Westport, CT , Green­
wood, 1985. 295 p.
L i n o w i t z , S o l .
The making of a public man; a memoir.
New York, Little,
Brown, 1985. 258 p.
L ipm an , S o n ia
and V.D.
The century of Moses Montefiore.
New York,
Oxford University Press, 1985. 385 p.
Work analyzes various aspects o f Montefiore’s endeavors, espe­
cially his efforts on behalf o f oppressed Jewish communities.
L i p s t a d t , D e b o r a h
Beyond belief: theAmericanpress and the coming of the
Holocaust. 1933-1945.
New York, The Free Press, 1986. 370 p.
Argues that American press did not recognize anti-Semitism as a
major threat deserving attention and response.
L i t v in o v s k y , A r y e h .
From times gone by; reminiscences and ideas.
Ed. by
Berl Kagan, and tr. from the Yiddish by Max Rosenfeld. New York,
Y IVO , 1985. 204 p.
L o o k s t e in , H a s k e l .
Were we our brothers’ keepers?: the public response of
American Jews to the Holocaust. 1938—1944.
New York, Hartmore,
1985. 287 p.
L u t t i k h u i z e n , G e r a r d
The revelation of Elchasai.
Tubingen, J.C.B.
Mohr (Paul Siebeck), 1985. 252 p.
Investigations into the evidence o f a Mesopotamian Jewish Apoc­
alypse o f the 2nd century and its reception by Judeo-Christian pro­
M a c k , B u r t o n L .
Ben Sira’shymn inpraise of thefathers.
Chicago, The Uni­
versity o f Chicago Press, 1985. 263 p.
Explores Ben Sira’s unique social and intellectual world.
M a h l e r , R a p h a e l .
Hasidism and theJewish Enlightenment, their confronta­
tion in Galicia and Poland in thefirst half of the nineteenth century.
from the Yiddish by Eugene Orenstein and from the Hebrew by
Aaron Klein and Jenny Machlowitz. Philadelphia, Thejewish Publi­
cation Society, 1985. 411 p.
M a r c u s , J a c o b R a d e r
Peck , A b r a h a m J.,
The American rabbin­
ate: a century of continuity and change 1883—1983.
NJ ,
1985. 261 p.
M e r i d o r , Y a a c o v .
Long is the road to freedom.
Tr. from the Hebrew by
Molly Lyons and Jaap Bar-David. Hewlett,
N Y ,
Judaica Publ., 1985.
363 p.
O p a l s k i , M a g d a l e n a .
TheJewish tavern-keeper and his tavern in nineteenth
century Polish literature.
Jerusalem, Zalman Shazar Center for the
Furtherance o f the Study o f Jewish History, 1986. 109 p. Paper-
P e k ie r , A l t e r .
From Kletzk to Siberia: a yeshiva bachur’s wanderings during