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the Holocaust.
Ed. by Gertrude Hirschler. Brooklyn, NY , Mesorah,
1985. 160 p.
P ink u s , B en jam in .
The Soviet government and theJews, 1948—1967; a docu­
mentary study.
New York, Cambridge University Press, 1984. 612 p.
P r a g e r , M o s h e .
Sparks of glory.
Tr. from the Hebrew by Mordecai
Schreiber. Brooklyn, NY , Mesorah, 1985. 207 p. Paperbound.
Collection o f first-person accounts o f Jewish spiritual resistance
during the Holocaust.
R a b in b a c h , A n s o n
Zipes, J a ck ,
Germans andJews since theHolo­
caust: the changing situation in West Germany.
New York, Holmes &
Meier, 1986. 365 p.
R am en o fsk y , E l i z a b e t h
From charcoal to banking: the I.E. Solomons of
Tucson, AZ, Westernlore Press, 1985, 237 p.
R e in h a r z , J e h u d a .
Chaim Weizmann: the making of a Zionist leader.
York, Oxford University Press, 1985. 566 p.
R e in h a r z , J e h u d a
S c h a t z b e r g , W a l t e r ,
TheJewish response to
German culture;from the enlightenment to thesecondworldwar.
University Press o f New England, 1985. 362 p.
R o s e n b e r g , R o y
Who wasJesus'?
Lanham, MD, University o f America
Press, 1986. 123 p. Paperbound.
Study presented from a historical-scientific perspective.
R o sen w a ik e , I r a .
On the edge ofgreatness: aportrait ofAmericanJewry in the
early national period.
Cincinnati, American Jewish Archives, 1985.
189 p.
R o t h s c h i l d , S y lv i a .
A special legacy; an oral history of SovietJewish emigres
in the United States.
New York, Simon & Schuster, 1985. 336 p.
Examines Jewish life in the Soviet Union on the basis o f interviews
with some 200 emigres to the U.S.
S a n d e r s ,
Jesus andJudaism.
Philadelphia, Fortress, 1985. 444 p.
S a n f o r d , J o h n .
The color of the air: scenesfrom the life of an AmericanJew.
Santa Barbara, CA, Sparrow Press, 1985. 301 p. Paperbound.
Memoir covering the years 1904-1927.
S a r n a , J o n a t h a n
D. et al., eds
.Jews and thefounding of the Republic.
York, NY , Markus Wiener, 1985. 145 p. Paperbound.
S c h o e n f e l d , J o ach im .
Holocaust memoirs: Jews in the Lwow ghetto, the
Janowski concentration camp, and as deportees in Siberia.
Hoboken, NJ,
Ktav, 1985. 328 p.
Shtetl memoirs: Jewish life in Galicia under the Austro-
Hungarian Empire and in the Polish Republic, 1898-1939.
NJ, Ktav, 1985. 253 p.
S e g a l , A l a n
Rebecca’s children: Judaism and Christianity in the Roman
Cambridge, MA, Harvard University Press, 1986. 207 p.
S h a lom A le i c h em .
From thefair: the autobiography of ShalomAleichem.
from the Yiddish by Curt Leviant. New York, Viking, 1985. 288 p.