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S h a r g e l , B a i l a R o u n d .
Practical dreamer: Israel Friedlaender and the
shaping of American Judaism.
New York, Jewish Theological Semi­
nary, 1985. 233 p.
S h u lv a s s , M o s e s A .
The history of theJewish people, vol. I l l : the late Middle
New York, Regnery Books, 1985. 325 p.
Third o f a projected five volumes; covers the period from 1300
through the Protestant Reformation.
S i e g a l , A r a n k a .
Grace in the wilderness: after the liberation, 1945-1948.
New York, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1985. 220 p.
Autobiographical, following liberation from Bergen-Belsen.
S i l v e r , K e n n e t h
G o l a n , Romy.
The circle ofMontparnasse:Jewish art­
ists in Paris, 1905-1945.
New York, Universe Books, 1985. 127 p.
Produced in conjunction with an exhibit held at the Jewish
Museum in New York.
S imon , M a r c e l .
Versus Israel: a study in the relations between Christians and
Jews in the Roman Empire (135^425).
Tr. from the French by H.
McKeating. New York, Oxford University Press, 1986. 533 p.
Sm ith , J u d i t h
Family connections: ahistory ofItalian andJewish immigrant
lives in Providence, Rhode Island, 1900-1940.
Albany, State University
o f New York Press, 1985. 256 p.
S o g g in ,
A l b e r t o .
A history of ancient Israel: from the beginnings to theBar
Kochba revolt, A.D. 135.
Tr. from the Italian by John Bowden.
Philadelphia, Westminster, 1985. 436 p.
Includes survey o f methodological issues.
S p i e g e l , M a r c u s M . , B y r n e , F r a n k
Som an , Je an ,
Your true
Marcus: the Civil War letters of aJewish colonel.
Kent, OH , Kent State
University Press, 1985. 353 p.
Selection o f letters by Marcus M. Spiegel, a colonel who fought in
the Civil War under General Grant’s command.
S t e inm e t z , S o l .
Yiddish and English: a century of Yiddish in America.
versity, AL, University o f Alabama Press, 1986. 172 p.
Studies in contemporaryJewry, II.
Ed. by Peter Y. Medding. Bloomington,
Indiana University Press/Jerusalem, Institute o f Contemporary
Jewry, The Hebrew University, 1986. 429 p.
r a in in , I s a a c
My personal deuteronomy: history of theDepartment ofReli­
gious Affairs 1952-1985 (vol. VI of the communal diary).
Ed. by David
Levine. New York, Commission on Synagogue Relations, Federa­
tion o f Jewish Philanthropies o f New York, 1985. 447 p.
T w e r s k y , I s a d o r e ,
Danzig, betweenEast and West: aspectsofmodernJew­
ish history.
Cambridge, MA, Harvard University Press, 1985. 172 p.
W e i n b e r g , W e r n e r .
The history of Hebrew plene spelling.
Cincinnati, OH ,
Hebrew Union College Press, 1985. 190 p. Paperbound.