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Traces efforts to create an official standard orthography for mod­
ern Hebrew.
Self-portrait o f a H olocaust survivor.
Je ffe rson , N C ,
McFarland, 1985. 196 p.
W e i s s e r , M i c h a e l R.
A brotherhood of memory:Jewish landsmanshaftn in the
New World.
New York, Basic Books, 1985. 303 p.
W o l f f s o h n , M i c h a e l .
German-SauAi Arabian arms deals 1936-1939 and
1981—1985; with an essay on West Germany’s Jews.
Frankfurt am
Main/New York, P. Lang, 1985. 169 p.
W o l p i n , N i s s o n .
A path through the ashes: penetrating analysis and inspiring
stories of the Holocaust from a Torah perspective.
Brooklyn, NY ,
Mesorah, 1986. 350 p.
Collected from the pages o f The Jewish Observer.
Z e i t l i n , I r v i n g M .
AncientJudaism: biblical criticismfrom Max Weber to the
New York, Basil Blackwell, 1985. 314 p.
Calls attention to the unique “contract” between Israel and God,
followed by conscious turning away from magic on the part o f Israel.
Z ip p e r s t e in , S t e v e n
TheJews of Odessa; a cultural history, 1794-1881.
Stanford, CA, Stanford University Press, 1985. 212 p.
Arian, Asher.
Politics in Israel; the second generation.
Chatham, NJ,
Chatham House, 1985. 290 p.
Deals with issues o f legitimacy, identity, integration and political
culture as the state begins its “second generation” phase.
A v i n e r i , S h lom o .
Moses Hess: prophet of Communism and Zionism.
York, Columbia University Press, 1985. 226 p.
Work focuses attention on Hess’ Jewish themes and social ethics
which figure prominently in his thought.
A v i s h a i , B e r n a r d .
The tragedy of Zionism: revolution and democracy in the
land of Israel.
New York, Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1985. 389 p.
Contends that institutions created by Labor Zionism are an inade­
quate basis for sustaining the state.
B e n -D o v , M e i r .
In the shadow of the Temple: the discovery of ancient
New York, Harper & |Row, 1985. 300 p.
B e n v e n i s t i , D a v id .
Tours ofJerusalem.
Tr. by Edward Levin. Jerusalem,
Kiryat Sefer, 1985. 400 p.
B e r e s , L o u i s R e n a ,
Security and Armageddon.
Lexington, MA,
Lexington Books, 1986. 242 p. Paperbound.
Traces contours o f Israel’s security needs.
B e r r e n s o n , D a v id
Canada and the birth of Israel; a study in Canadianfor ­
eign policy.
Toronto, University o f Toronto Press, 1985. 291 p.