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B l i t z e r , W o l f .
Between Washington and Jerusalem; a reporters notebook.
New York, Oxford University Press, 1985. 259 p.
Discusses methods o f decision making in Washington and
defense and intelligence cooperation between the two countries.
B lu m b e r g , A r n o l d .
Zion before Zionism, 1838—1880.
Syracuse, Syracuse
University Press, 1985. 235 p.
Zion in the forty-two years before the emergence o f the political
Zionist movement, under Ottoman regime.
B r o w n , James
S n y d e r , W i l l i a m
P., eds.
The regionalization of war­
fare: the Falkland!Malvinas Islands, Lebanon, and the Iran-Iraq conflict.
New Brunswick, NJ, Transaction, 1985. 291 p. Paperbound.
Study includes a section involving conflicts in Lebanon, with Isra­
eli, Syrian and PLO forces playing parts.
, D
a n
Media decentralization: the case of Israel’s local newspapers.
Brunswick, NJ, Transaction, 1986. 154 p.
Study deals with two major concerns: 1. relations between social
and communications systems; 2. relations o f various mass media to
one another.
C h a f e t s , Z e ’ev.
Heroes and hustlers, hard hats and holy men: inside the new
New York, William Morrow, 1986. 249 p.
Presents a realistic view o f evolving Israeli society.
C o h e n , R i c h a r d
I., ed.
Vision and conflict in the Holy Land.
New York, St.
Martin’s, 1985. 310 p.
Focuses on major topics in the history o f Palestine, from early
Middle Ages to contemporary period.
, O
r i
Off the beaten track in Israel: a guide to beautiful places.
York, Adama Books, 1985. 199 p.
, A
The Israelis: photographs of a day in May.
New York, H.N.
Abrams, 1985. 256 p.
Em e rson , S te v e n .
The American House of Saud: the secretpetrodollar connec­
New York, Franklin Watts, 1985. 450 p.
Study o f the ways in which Saudi Arabian oil money has been used
to lobby in Washington, D.C.
F in d le y , P a u l .
They dare to speak out: people and institutions confront Israel’s
Westport, CT, Lawrence Hill, 1985. 362 p.
Presents arguments against the influence o f the American-Israeli
Public Affairs Committee.
G i l b e r t , M a r t i n .
Jerusalem; rebirth of a city.
New York, Viking, 1985.
The history o f Jerusalem 1838-1898.
G i l e a d , Z e r u b a v e l
K r o o k , D o r o t h e a .
Gideon’sspring: a man and his
New York, Ticknor
Fields, 1985. 333 p.
The Israel yearbook 1985-5745, vol. 40.
Ed. by Judith Weill. Tel Aviv,
Israel Yearbook, 1985. 304 p.