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J b a r a , T a y s i r .
Palestine leader Hajj Amin Al-Husayni mufti ofJerusalem.
Princeton, NJ, Kingston Press, 1985. 221 p.
Biographical study; biased pro-Arab.
K a r e t z k y , S t e p h e n
G o ld m a n , P e t e r
E., eds.
The media’swar against
New York, Shapolsky/Steimatzky, 1986. 422 p.
Work focuses attention on the tendency o f the American press to
mislead the public in its coverage o f the Middle East.
K a t z , S am u e l .
Battleground: fact and fantasy in Palestine.
New York,
Steimatzky, 1985. 322 p. Paperbound.
Updated and expanded edition o f work published in 1973,
analyzing origins and history o f Arab-Israeli conflict.
K h a l i d i , R a s h id .
Under siege: P.L.O. decision making during the 1982 war.
New York, Columbia University Press, 1985. 241 p.
Discusses policies and strategic tactics o f the P.L.O. in Beirut dur­
ing the Israel-Lebanon war.
K h o u r i , F r e d J .
The Arab-Israeli dilemma; 3rd edition.
Syracuse, NY , Syra­
cuse University Press, 1985. 605 p.
K im m e r l in g , B a r u c h .
The interruptedsystem: Israeli civilians in warand rou­
tine times.
New Brunswick, NJ, Transaction/Rutgers, 1985. 219 p.
Sociological study o f Israeli army o f reserves mobilized into mili­
tary service during emergencies.
K l i n g h o f f e r , A r t h u r J a y
A p t e r , J u d i t h .
Israel and the Soviet
Union; altercation or reconciliation'?
Boulder, Westview, 1985. 303 p.
K u s h n e r , D a v id ,
Palestine in the late Ottoman period: political, social and
economic transformations.
Jerusalem, Yad Izhak Ben-Zvi/Leiden,
Brill, 1986. 434 p.
Studies dealing with various aspects o f Palestine’s history.
L e w e n s o h n , A v r a h am .
Masada guide to Israel.
Brooklyn, NY , Masada,
1985. 552 p. Paperbound.
Lists over 1800 towns, villages and places to visit in Israel.
L o u i s ,
R o g e r
S to k e y , R o b e r t
W., eds.
The end of the Palestine
Austin, University o f Texas Press, 1986. 181 p.
Work traces the problems o f the Mandate since World War I.
M i l l e r , Y l a n a N .
Government and society in rural Palestine, 1920-1948.
Austin, University o f Texas Press, 1985. 218 p.
N i c o s i a , F r a n c i s
The Third Reich and thePalestine question.
Austin, Uni­
versity o f Texas Press, 1985. 319 p.
O ’B r ie n , C o n o r C .
The siege: the saga of Israel and Zionism.
New York,
Simon and Schuster, 1986. 798 p.
P a c k e r , James
I. et al., eds.
The land of the Bible.
Nashville, T N , Thomas
Nelson, 1985. 170 p.
Includes information on geography, minerals, fauna and flora.