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P e r lm u t t e r , Am o s .
Israel: the partitioned State.
New York, Charles
Scribner’s Sons, 1985. 398 p.
A political history o f Israel from the Balfour Declaration to the
war in Lebanon.
P e t e r s , F .E
.Jerusalem: the holy city in the eyes of chroniclers, visitors, pilgrims,
and prophets from the days of Abraham to the beginnings of modern times.
Princeton, NJ, Princeton University Press, 1985. 656 p.
P o r a t , R e u v en .
The history of theKibbutz: communal education, 1904—1929.
Norwood, PA, Norwood Editions, 1985. 269 p.
R a b in o v i c h , A b r a h am .
Jerusalem: the measure of the year.
Carta, 1985. 160 p.
Photographic depictions o f the Holy City according to the year’s
R ay , James
Thefuture ofAmerican-Israeli relations; aparting of the way?
Lexington, KY, The University Press o f Kentucky, 1985. 157 p.
Advocates a pro-Israel stance but criticizes Israel for reluctance to
give up “occupied territories.”
Research on human rights in the occupied territories 1979—1983.
Zucher, team dir. et al. Tel Aviv, International Center for Peace in
the Middle East, 1985. 203 p. Paperbound.
R o l e f , S u san H a t t i s ,
The dilemma of power sharing: 15 leaders of the
Israel Labor Party talk about the national unity government.
Semana, 122 p.
S c h i f f , Z e ’ev.
A history of the Israeli army 1874 to the present.
New York,
Macmillan, 1986. 274 p.
Balanced presentation o f factors responsible for the unabating
Israeli-Arab conflicts resulting in terrorism and counter-terrorism.
S c h w e id , E l i e z e r .
The land of Israel: national home or land of destiny.
from the Hebrew by Deborah Greniman. New York, Herzl Press,
1985. 225 p.
Analysis o f the relationship between the Jewish people and Eretz
Israel through the ages.
S e g e v , T om .
1949: thefirst Israelis.
New York, The Free Press/Macmillan,
1986. 372 p.
History o f Israel’s first year as a state.
S h o k e id , M o s h e .
The dual heritage: immigrantsfrom the Atlas Mountains in
an Israeli village.
New Brunswick, NJ, Transaction/Rutgers Univer­
sity, 1985. 253 p.
Expanded and updated edition o f study published in 1971.
Y a d in , Y i g a e l .
The Temple Scroll: the hidden law of the Dead Sea Sect.
Y o rk ,
Random, 1985. 261 p.
Account o f the acquisition and decipherment o f the scroll.