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Includes a biographical essay on Kaplan and an essay on his inter­
pretation o f Judaism.
G r a f f , G i l .
Separation of church and state: dina de-malkhuta dina in Jewish
Law, 1750-1848.
University, AL , University o f Alabama Press,
1985. 223 p.
Study tracing the talmudic dictum from its origins to its 19th cen­
tury interpretation.
H a r r i s , L is .
Holy Days: the world of a hasidic family.
New York,
S umm it
Books, 1985. 266 p.
Portrait o f hasidic life centering around a family o f Lubavitch fol­
H a r tm a n , D a v id .
A living covenant: the innovative spirit in traditionalJuda­
New York, Free Press/Macmillan, 1985. 340 p.
Philosophic discourses.
H e s c h e l , A b r a h a m
The circle of the Baal Shem Tov; studies in Hasidism.
Tr. from the Hebrew and Yiddish by Ada Rappaport-Albert; ed. by
H .
Dresner. Chicago, University o f Chicago Press, 1985.213
Essays about four figures from Baal Shem’s inner circle: Rabbis
Pinhas o f Korzec, Gershon Kutover, Nahman o f Kosow and Isaac o f
J on e s , A l l a n
.Essenes: the elect ofIsrael and thepriests ofArtemis.
MD, University Press o f America, 1985. 146 p.
K a h a n , A a r o n .
A guidefor theperplexed of the twentieth century.
New York,
Philosophical Library, 1985. 222 p.
Discusses the altered human condition stemming from the discov­
ery o f previously unknown natural powers.
K an e , I s r a e l .
In quest of the truth: a survey of medievalJewish thought.
York, Vantage, 1985. 77 p.
K o l a t c h , A l f r e d
The secondJewish book of why.
Middle Village, NY ,
Jonathan David, 1985. 423 p.
Problems o f Jewish Law in question and answer form.
K r o h n , P a y s a c h
Bris Milah.
Brooklyn, Mesorah, 1985. 198 p.
Compilation o f laws, rituals, customs and prayers associated with
the rite o f circumcision.
K u r z w e i l , Z v i .
The modem impulse of traditional Judaism.
Hoboken, NJ,
1985. 156 p.
Collection o f essays on neo-Orthodoxy.
L e l y v e l d , A r t h u r
Atheism is dead: aJewish response to radical theology.
Lanham, MD, University Press o f America, 1985. 209 p.
Reprint o f 1968 work.
L e v in , M i c h a e l G r a u b a r t .
Journey to tradition: the odyssey of a born-again
Hoboken, NJ, Ktav, 1986. 129 p.