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Maale Tefilot
on wings of awe: a machzor for Rosh Hashanah and Yom
Ed. and transl. by Richard N. Levy. Washington, D.C., Bnai
Brith Hillel Foundations, 1985. 459 p.
Machzor Zichron Reuven, Rosh Hashanah, nusach Ashkenaz.
Brooklyn, NY,
Mesorah, 1985. 710 p. Paperbound.
Hebrew text with corresponding English translations on opposite
M a im on id e s , M o se s .
Crisis and leadership: epistles of Maimonides.
Tr. and
annot. by Abraham Halkin. Philadelphia, Jewish Publication Soci­
ety, 1985. 292 p.
Three espistles: on martyrdom; epistle to Yemen; essay on resur­
M e r k l e , J o h n C . ,
AbrahamJoshua Heschel; exploring his life and thought.
New York, Macmillan, 1985. 171 p.
Nine essays presented at symposium at the College o f St. Benedict
in Minnesota.
M e r k l e , J o h n C .
The genesis offaith: the depth theology of AbrahamJoshua
New York, Macmillan, 1985. 292 p.
Examines two major aspects o f Heschel’s theology: a) the sources
o f faith, including the mystery o f creation and the glory o f God’s
presence in the world; b) the wellsprings o f Jewish tradition.
N e u s n e r , J a c o b .
Formative Judaism: religion, historical and literary studies.
Decatur, GA, Scholars Press, 1985. 223 p. Paperbound.
Fifth series: revisioning the written records o f a nascent religion.
The memorized Torah: the mnemonic system of the Mishnah.
Decatur, GA, Scholars Press, 1985. 138 p. Paperbound.
Outline o f Mishnaic mnemonic techniques and modes o f dis­
The oral Torah: the sacred books ofJudaism; an introduction.
San Francisco, Harper & Row, 1985. 238 p.
The Pharisees; rabbinic perspectives.
Hoboken, NJ, Ktav,
1985. 316 p.
N ew som , C a r o l .
Songs of the Sabbath sacrifice; a critical edition.
GA, Scholars Press, 1985. 476 p. + X IX plates.
Description o f liturgical texts from Qumran cave 4 — composi­
tions which invoke angelic praise and give account o f the Sabbath
worship in the heavenly temple.
N o v a k , D a v id .
Halakhah in theological dimension.
Decatur, GA, Scholars
Press, 1985. 174 p. Paperbound.
Nine essays exploring issues o f current concern from the perspec­
tive o f Jewish law.
Oppenh e im , M i c h a e l .
What does revelation mean for the modern Jew?:
Rosenzweig, Buber, Fackenheim.
Lewiston, NY, The Edwin Meller
Press, 1985. 151 p.