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P o r t o n , G a r y G .
Understanding rabbinic Midrash; text and commentary.
Hoboken, NJ, Ktav, 1985. 232 p. Paperbound.
Selections from Sifra, Mekhilta, Sifre, Genesis Rabbah, and Levit­
icus Rabbah, with commentaries on respective texts and their mean­
R a p h a e l , C h a im .
Kabbalat Shabbat
the SabbathEvening Service with a new
translation and commentary.
New York, Behrman, 1985. 118 p.
R a p h a e l , M a r c
L., ed.
Approaches to modernJudaism; vol. II.
Decatur, GA,
Scholars Press, 1985. 117 p. Paperbound.
Essays on methodological issues in modern Jewish thought.
R e n b e r g , D a l i a H a r d o f f .
The completefamily guide toJewish holidays.
York, Adama Books, 1985. 255 p.
R o b e r t s , M a t i s .
Gittin and Kiddushin.
Brooklyn, NY , Mesorah, 1985.
Vol. II - 236 p.; Vol. I l l - 120 p.
ArtScroll Mishnah series, including translations o f tractates
Nedarim, Gittin and Kiddushin.
S h e n k , B a r b a r a K e e n e r .
The God of Sarah, Rebekah, and Rachel.
Scottsdale, PA, Herald Press, 1985. 130 p.
Siddur Etz Hayim; the complete Art Scroll Siddur weekday/Sabbath/festivals.
Brooklyn, Mesorah, 1985. 1086 p.
Hebrew text with opposite page English translation and
Siddur Sim Shalom: aprayerbookfor Sabbath, festivals, and weekdays.
Ed. with
transl. by Jules Harlow. New York, The Rabbinical Assembly/The
United Synagogue o f America, 1985. 880 p.
S ie g e l , S e ym o u r
G e r t e l , E l l i o t ,
God in the teachings of Conserv­
ative Judaism.
New York, The Rabbinical Assembly, 1985. 278 p.
S imon , R a lp h .
Challenges and responses; messages for the High Holy Day
Chicago, IL, Congregation Rodfei Zedek, 1985. 222 p.
S i r a t , C o l e t t e .
A history ofJewishphilosophy in theMiddle Ages.
New York,
Cambridge University Press, 1985. 426 p.
S k l a r e , M a r s h a l l .
ConservativeJudaism: an American religious movement.
Lanham, MD, University Press o f America, 1985. 330 p.
S p in o za , B e n e d i c t u s D e .
The collected works of Spinoza.
Ed. and transl. by
Edwin Curley. Princeton, NJ, Princeton University Press, 1985. 727
Um en , S am u e l .
Images of man.
New York, Philosophical Library, 1985.
180 p.
Essays on religious and philosophical issues, including one deal­
ing with the founder and principles o f Hasidism.
W e i s s -H a l i v n i , D a v id .
Midrash, Mishnah, and Gemara.
Cambridge, MA,
Harvard University Press, 1986. 164 p.
Analysis o f rabbinic texts illustrating the nature o f the three