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sources, and highlighting fundamental characteristics o f Jewish
W e i s s , J o se p h G e o r g e .
Studies in East European Jewish mysticism.
Ed. by
David Goldstein. New York, Oxford University Press, 272 p.
W i e s e l , E l ie .
Against silence: the voice and vision ofElie Wiesel.
Ed .
by Irving
Abrahamson. New York, Holocaust Publications, 1985.
Collection o f essays, lectures, reviews and other works written
during the past 25 years in three volumes: vol. I - 390 p.; vol. II - 398
p.; vol. I l l - 400 p.
W in e , S h e r w in
Judaism beyond God: a radical new way to be Jewish.
Farmington Hills, MI, Society for Humanistic Judaism, 1985. 286 p.
W o l f s o n , R on .
The art ofJewish living: the Shabbat Seder.
New York, The
Federation o fJewish Men’s Clubs/The University o fJudaism, 1985.
255 p. Paperbound.
Work aims to enhance Sabbath observances.
Z u r e r , R a c h e l .
AJew examines Christianity.
New York, Jenna Press, 1985.
181 p. Paperbound.
Sees anti-Semitism as an inherent part o f Christianity and con­
temporary missionizing as a subtler form o f attitudes which moti­
vated medieval persecution.
Bloom, Alexander.
Prodigal sons: the New York intellectuals & their world.
New York, Oxford University Press, 1986. 461 p.
B u lk a , R e u v en
The coming cataclysm: the Orthodox-Reform rift and the
future of theJewish people.
Oakville, NY , Mosaic Press, 1984. 126 p.
C o h e n , J a c k S im ch a .
The Jewish heart; essays on Jewish sensitivities.
NJ ,
Ktav, 1985. 217 p.
Discusses a variety o f subjects, e.g. anger, envy, faith, and friend­
D r y s d a l e , A l a s d a i r .
The Middle East and North Africa: a political geogra­
New York, Oxford University Press, 1985. 367 p.
E i t i n g e r , L e o
K r e l l , R o b e r t .
The psychological and medical effects of
concentration camps and relatedpersecutions on survivors of theHolocaust;
a research bibliography.
Vancouver, University o f British Columbia
Press, 1985. 168 p.
E l a z a r , D a n i e l J .
S te in , T z i p o r a D .,
eds,.Jewishpolitical studies.
York, Markus Wiener, 1985. 173 p.
Collection o f course outlines for university programs in Jewish
political studies.
F e ldm a n , D a v id
Health andmedicine in theJewish tradition: Vhayyim
New York, Crossroad, 1986. 114 p.