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F ishm an , J o s h u a A . ,
Readings in the sociology of Jewish languages.
Leiden, Brill, 1985. 298 p. Paperbound.
F r a n k e l , V i k t o r
Man ssearchfor meaning; revised edition.
Tr. from the
German. New York, Washington Square Press, 1985. 221 p. Paper-
Form o f psychotherapy.
K le in , D e n n i s
Jewish origins of the psychoanalytic movement.
University o f Chicago Press, 1985. 198 p.
Exploration o f the Jewish consciousness o f Freud and his follow­
ers and their impact on the early psychoanalytic movement.
M a y e r , E g o n .
Love and tradition: marriage betweenJews and Christians.
York, Plenum Press, 1985. 311 p.
Sociological study o f intermarriages based on interviews with
intermarried couples and their children.
P r in c e , R o b e r t
The legacy of the Holocaust: psychohistorical themes in the
second generation.
Ann Arbor, MI, UM I Research, 1985. 223 p.
Examines the lives o f groups o f survivors’ children who are now at
the age when their parents became victims.
R ie d e r , J o n a t h an .
Canarsie: theJews and Italians ofBrooklyn against liberal­
Cambridge, MA, Harvard University Press, 1985. 290 p.
Analysis o f reasons why many lower middle-class Jews and Ital­
ians have turned to the Republican Party.
R o sen b aum , B r e n d a
to avoid the evil eye.
New York, St. Martin’s,
1985. 96 p.
A humorous look at Jewish superstitions.
S a n f o r d , J o h n
King Saul, the tragic hero; a study in individuation.
York, Paulist Press, 1985. 144 p. Paperbound.
Psychological study from the point o f view o f an analyst identified
with the Jungian school.
S ch e in , J e f f r e y
L. and
S t a u b , J a c o b J.
Creative Jewish education; a
Reconstructionist perspective.
New York, Reconstructionist Rabbinical
College Press, 1985. 221 p. Paperbound.
S ic h r o v s k y , P e t e r .
Strangers in their own land: youngJews in Germany and
Austria today.
New York, Basic Books, 1986. 165 p.
Includes a series o f interviews with descendants o f Holocaust vic­
tims reflecting their awareness o f being part o f a lasting tragedy.
S i t t o n , D a v id .
Sephardi communities today.
Jerusalem, Council o f
Sephardi and Oriental Centers, 1985. 375 p.
W e i s b o r d , R o b e r t
G. and
K a z a r i a n , R i c h a r d , J r .
Israel in the black
American perspective.
Westport, CT , Greenwood, 1985. 213 p.
Deals with Black-Jewish estrangement and the erosion o f Black
support for Israel.
W i e d e r , A l a n .
Immigration, the public school, and the 20th century American