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ethos: the Jewish immigrant as a case study.
Lanham, MD, University
Press o f America, 1985. 117 p.
W i s t r i c h , R o b e r t
Hitler’s apocalypse: Jews and the Nazi legacy.
York, St. Martin’s Press, 1985. 309 p.
Z e l i g s , D o r o t h y
Moses, apsychodynamic study.
New York, Human Sci­
ence, 1986. 460 p.
Aharoni, Dov.
General Sharon’s war against the Time magazine; his trial and
New York, Steimatzky, 1985. 336 p. Paperbound.
TheAmericanJewishyear book 1985.
Milton Himmelfarb and David Singer,
eds. Philadelphia, American Jewish Committee/Jewish Publication
Society, 1985. 489 p.
A x e l r a d , A l b e r t
Meditations ofamaverick rabbi; selectedwritings ofAlbert
S. Axelrad.
Ed. by Stephen J. Whitfield. Chappaqua, NY , Rossel,
1985. 170 p. Paperbound.
B a e d e k e r , K a r l .
Baedeker’s historical Palestine.
New York, Hippocrene
Books, 1985. 175 p.
Facsimile o f a tour guide to Palestine originally published in 1912.
B l u e , L i o n e l .
Bright blue: Rabbi Lionel Blue’s thoughts for the day.
York, St. Martin’s, 1986. 98 p.
Collection o f essays originally written as radio talks in England.
Central Conference of American Rabbis yearbook, volume XCIV.
Elliot L. Ste­
vens, ed. New York, Central Conference o f American Rabbis, 1985.
413 p.
C h e t k i n , L e n .
Guess who’s Jewish? (you’ll never guess).
V A ,
Donning, 1985. 161 p.
Contemporary Jewish civilization; selected syllabi.
Ed. by Gideon Shimoni.
New York, Markus Wiener, 1985. 254 p. Paperbound.
Cyrus Adler: selected letters.
Ed. by Ira Robinson. Philadelphia, The Jewish
Publication Society, 1985. Two volumes: vol. 1, 403 p.; vol. 2, 398 p.
Diaspora: exile and the contemporaryJewish condition.
Etan Levine, ed. New
York, Shapolsky/Steimatzky, 1986. 368 p.
Revised edition of work published in 1983, including 28 essays on
the meaning o f the diaspora.
F riesem , R ic k y
M o u s h in e , N a om i .
Fruits of the earth: a harvest of reci­
pes from the Land of Israel.
New York, Adama Books, 1985. 107 p.
Kosher recipes based on the “seven spices” and other produce o f
G r e e n s p a n , F r e d e r i c k
E., et al., eds.
Nourished withpeace: studies in Helle­
nisticJudaism in memory of Samuel Sandmel.
Denver, CO, University o f
Denver, Center for Judaic Studies, 1985. 254 p.