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A guide to libraries of Judaica and Hebraica in Europe.
Comp, by F.J.
Hoogewoud et al. Copenhagen, Kongelige Bibliotek, 1985. unp.
H a s a n -R o k em , G a l i t
D u n d e s , A l a n ,
The wanderingJew: essays
in the interpretation of a Christian legend.
Bloomington, Indiana Uni­
versity Press, 1986. 278 p.
H a s k in s , James.
Leaders of theMiddle East.
NJ ,
Enslow Publisher,
1985. 175 p.
Biographies o f nine Middle Eastern leaders: Arafat, Fahd, Begin,
Hussein, Mubarak, Khomeini, Qaddafi, Assad and Zia.
Hebrew Annual Review, vol. 8, 1984: biblical and other studies in honor of
Sheldon H. Blank.
Ed. by Reuben Ahroni. Columbus, Ohio, The
Ohio State University, Department o fJudaic and Near Eastern Lan­
guages and Literatures, 1985. 272 p.
Hebrew Union CollegeAnnual, vol. LV.
Sheldon Blank, ed. Cincinnati, OH ,
Hebrew Union College, 1985. 336 p.
I s r a e l o w i t z , A s h e r .
Guide to Jewish Europe; Western Europe edition.
Brooklyn, NY , author, 1985. 231 p.
Extensive information about community institutions, synagogue
and other religious facilities, youth hostels, candle-lighting time, etc.
The Jewish Book Annual, vol. 43: 1985—1986.
Jacob Kabakoff, ed. New
York, JWB Jewish Book Council, 1985. 304 p.
Jewish political studies.
David J. Elazar and Tzipora D. Stein, eds. New
York, Markus Wiener, 1985. 173 p. Paperbound.
L a p id e , P in c h a s
Hebrew in the church: thefoundations ofJewish-Christian
Tr. from the German by Erroll R. Rodes. Grand Rapids,
Ml, Wm. B. Erdmans, 1985. 266 p.
Survey o f efforts to translate the New Testament and the Chris­
tian liturgy into Hebrew.
L e n a r s k y , J a n e
et al
.Jewish trivia.
Boston, MA, Quinlan Press, 1985. 195
Compiled in form o f questions and answers on a variety o f topics,
e.g. history, politics, sports, the Bible, arts and geography.
M o w s h o w i t z , I s r a e l .
A rabbi’s rovings.
Hoboken, NJ, Ktav, 1985. 385 p.
Author’s reflections on his experiences while visiting various
countries and meeting outstanding statesmen.
N e u s n e r , J a c o b .
Israel in America: a too-comfortable exile?
New York, Bea­
con, 1985. 202 p.
Essays examining American Jewry’s religious history, practices,
beliefs, etc., including Black-Jewish relationships.
Thepublic side of learning: thepolitical consequences ofscholar­
ship in thecontext ofJudaism.
Decatur, GA , Scholars Press, 1985.135 p.
Author views the study o f Judaism within the framework o f the
study o f religion.