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The 1986 Jewish directory and almanac.
Ivan L. Tillen, ed. New York,
Pacific Press, 1985. 748 p. Paperbound.
Oxford student’s dictionary fo r Hebrew speakers.
By A.S. Hornby and
Christina Ruse. Hebrew editors: Joseph A. Reif and Yaacov Levy.
Tel Aviv, Kernerman and Lonnie Kah, 1986. 824 p.
P r a g a i , M i c h a e l
Faith and fulfillment: Christians and the return to the
Promised Land.
Totowa, NJ, Biblio Distribution Center, 1985. 308 p.
Study o f Christians whose religious faith led them to uphold the
Jewish return to Israel.
Proceedings of the ninth World Congress ofJewish studies, Jerusalem, August
4—12,1985; division A, theperiod ofBible.
Jerusalem, World Union o f
Jewish Studies, 1986. 249 p. + 144 p. Hebrew text. Paperbound.
Proceedings of the World Congress ofJewish studies,first (1947) - eighth(1981) :
Comp, by Susie Cohen. Jerusalem, World Union o f Jewish
Studies, 1985. 236 p.
R a p p a p o r t ,
Perspectives onJudaism; essaysonJewish culture andpersonali­
Johannesburg, Bnai Brith, 1985. 377 p.
R a sk a s , B e r n a r d
Over theyears: an anthology of sermons, articles and writ­
St. Paul, Minn., Aaron, 1985. 310 p.
R o s e n b e r g , S t u a r t .
Christians and Jews; the eternal bond.
New York,
Frederick Unger, 1985. 195 p.
S h a k o w , Z a r a ,
Curtain time!
Middle Village, NY, Jonathan David,
1985. 421 p. Paperbound.
Plays, readings, sketches, cantatas, and poems for Jewish pro­
Sh im on i, G id e o n ,
ContemporaryJewish civilization; selectedsyllabi.
York, Markus Wiener, 1985. 254 p. Paperbound.
Covers survey courses on history, the Holocaust, American Jewry
and Zionism.
Sm ith , R u t h S.
Gettingthe booksoff theshelves: making themost ofyour congre­
gation’s library.
Bryn Mawr, PA, Church and Synagogue Library
Association, 1985. 400 p. Paperbound.
Guide to publicizing a church or synagogue library.
S p e a r , T z ip o r a h .
Kosher calories.
New York, Genesis, 1985. 351
Information on kosher products listed alphabetically by generic
food name and brand.
S zon y i , D a v id
The Holocaust; an annotated bibliography and resource
Hoboken, NJ, Ktav, 1985. 396 p. Paperbound.
Includes bibliographies o f fiction, non-fiction, filmography,
musical resources, Yom-ha-Shoah services, etc.
T r a f t o n , J o se p h
The Syriac version of the Psalms of Solomon; a critical
Atlanta, GA, Scholars Press, 1985. 276 p. Paperbound.
Transactions of theParisian Sanhedrin: or, acts of theAssembly ofIsraelitishDep­