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C a s s i l l ,
After Goliath.
New York: Ticknor & Fields, 1985. 209 p.
The biblical figure King David is the central character o f this
novel narrated by his hitman Joab. We see David as political warrior,
easily deceived when in love, and tormented father. The latest ‘biog­
raphy’ dealing with a most colorful personage.
D ’A l p u g e t , B l a n c h e .
Winter inJerusalem.
New York: Simon & Schuster,
Danielle Green, an award-winning screenwriter, returns to her
native Israel to work on a script. She encounters new conflicts and
moral dilemmas as she searches for her father whom she has not
seen in years. Through the characters she meets, the reader sees
modern day Israel, with its restless atmosphere o f politics, survivors
guilt, and a fear o f war. A provoking novel written with insight and
D o c t o r o w ,
World's fair.
New York: Random House, 1985. 288 p.
A family’s nostalgic memoir o f New York City in the 1930s
focusing mainly on the recollections and observations o f Edgar’s
first nine years. The family’s hard times are placed in perspective by
the boy’s hopes for the future. A detailed and moving novel o f a
childhood universe giving way to adolescence.
E p s te in , L e s l i e .
Goldkom tales.
New York:
E .P .
Dutton, 1985. 244 p.
Goldkorn returns in “The Steinway Quintet,” a follow-up to “The
Steinway Quartet,” to expand upon the comic misadventure o f the
night two gunman held up the Steinway restaurant, the last outpost
o f mittel European culture on the Lower East Side. Two additional
tales offer deeper explorations o f Goldkorn’scharacter as his adven­
tures o f love and passion, danger and revenge continue.
E y t a n , R a c h e l .
Thefifth heaven.
Trans, by Philip Simpson. Philadelphia:
Jewish Publication Society, 1985. 444 p.
A run-down home on the outskirts o f Tel-Aviv for children o f
broken homes and refugees from Nazim is the scene o f this novel.
Evokes the inner world o f the children housed there.
G o l d e m b e r g , I s a a c .
Play byplay.
Trans, by Hardie St. Martin. New York:
Persea Books, 1985. 172 p.
Marquitos Karushansky, a soccer champion, is the son o f a Peru­
vian Indian woman and an immigrant European Jew. He spent the
first twelve years o f his life with his mother and is reclaimed by his
father who is intent upon making him aJew. The story o f the youth’s
conversion, its aftermath, and the identity crises o f this assimilated
Jew in South America are unfolded.
G r e e n b e r g , J o an n e .
King's persons.
New York: Holt, Rinehart Winston,
1985. 288 p.
A re-issue o f the author’s famous novel o f medieval England.
Recreated is the 12th-century drama o f a ijiass attack at York against