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the King’s Persons, Jews under the protection o f the crown. Draw­
ing heavily upon primary sources, Greenberg transcends the trag­
edy o f the massacre to leave the reader with a sense o f hope and an
affirmation o f life.
H a l t e r , M a r e k .
The book ofAbraham.
Trans, by Lowell Blair. New York:
Henry Holt, 1986. 722 p.
The Book o f Abraham is handed down through the generations
symbolizing the continuity o f the collective Jewish memory. With
the gift o f a storyteller, Halter traces his family through patrilineal
lines from 70 A.D., when a scribe named Abraham flees the con­
quering Roman army, to the death o f Halter’s grandfather, a
printer named Abraham, one hundred generations later in the
Warsaw ghetto o f 1943.
L e v in , M e y e r .
Old bunch.
Secaucus, N.J.: Citadel Press, 1985. 964 p.
A re-issue o f a classic American Jewish novel revolving around the
lives o f twelve Jewish kids who grow up together and share their
experiences o f college, lovers, marriages and the years after. Origi­
nally published in 1937.
L ip h s h i t z , A r y e .
We built Jerusalem: tales of pioneering days.
Trans, by
Misha Louvish. New York: Cornwall Press, 1985. 175 p.
In this, his sixth volume o f stories, the author draws upon his early
years as a road laborer and stonemason in Jerusalem o f the 1920s.
The eight stories realistically portray the Arab, Christian, and Jew­
ish workers who built modern day Jerusalem.
L u s t i g , A r n o S t .
The unloved: from the diary of Perla S.
Trans, by Vera
Kalina-Levine. New York: Arbor House, 1985. 197 p.
Two 17-year-old Jewish Czech girls interned in Theresienstadt in
1943 are the unloved ones the reader comes to know through the
diary o f Perla, one o f the girls. The author, himself a former inmate
o f Theresienstadt, recreates the atmosphere o f the camp and lets
the reader feel the anguish, despair and absurdity o f the ghetto.
M a r k f i e l d , W a l l a c e .
Teitelbaum’s window.
Ardmore, PA: Seth Press,
1985. 408 p.
A re-issue o f a memorable American Jewish novel. Simon Sloan,
the young hero born into an immigrant family, develops his literary
talents at Brooklyn College where he confronts American culture.
His aspirations conflict, however, with the ideals o f his girlfriend’s
second generation Jewish parents who find him unacceptable as a
future son-in-law.
M a u t n e r , G a b r i e l l a .
Lovers andfugitives.
New York: Mercury House,
dist. by Kampmann, 1986. 352 p.
This saga chronicles the desperate flight o f a young Jewish couple
who find each other, fall in love and marry in the aftermath o f the
Nazi raid on Rotterdam. Fleeing to escape deportation, they are