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joined throughout their terrifying journey by other fugitives. An
extraordinary tale o f courage.
M o s k o w i t z , Faye .
A leak in the heart: tales from a woman’s life.
David R. Godine, 1984. 161 p.
A collection o f twenty-four stories about the author’s childhood in
the 1930s and ’40s in an Orthodox Jewish family in small town
Jackson, Michigan.
Am o s .
A perfect peace.
Trans, by Hillel Halkin. San Diego: Harcourt
Brace Jovanovich, 1985. 374 p.
Set on a kibbutz in the mid-1960s, this novel focuses on the immi­
grant generation that built the country and the new generation mak­
ing their lives there. Detailed descriptions o f kibbutz life are master­
fully created in this novel about human relationships and the
changing ideals o f each generation.
R a b o n , I s r a e l .
The street.
Trans, by Leonard Wolf. New York: Schocken
Books, 1985. 192 p.
The stark post-World War I climate o f life in Lodz is graphically
depicted through the eyes o f a returning Jewish soldier in this
impoverished city. The poor and unemployed transients he encoun­
ters characterize the sense o f despair, harshness and alienation that
has become life’s reality.
R am r a s -R a u c h , G i l a
M ic h m a n -M e lkm a n , J o se p h ,
Facing the
Holocaust: selected Israeli fiction.
Philadelphia: Jewish Publication
Society, 1985. 278 p.
Included in this anthology o f Israeli fiction dealing with the Holo­
caust are twelve stories by such writers as Aharon Megged, Hanoch
Bartov, Aharon Applefeld and Yehuda Amichai, among others.
Gilda Ramras-Rauch has contributed an introduction and Gershon
Shaked has written an afterword.
R om an o , E l i o .
A generation of wrath: a story of embattlement.
Salem, NH :
Salem House, dist. by Merrimack, 1986.
Based upon the author’s own remarkable survival o f the Holo­
caust, the novel opens with Elio Romano, the fifteen-year-old son o f
an Orthodox Jewish family living in the quiet town o f Oswiecim
(Auschwitz) just prior to the blitzkreig. His youth and health sustain
him through flight, capture, forced labor and transfers from camp
to camp during the final days before liberation.
R o t h , P h i l ip .
Zuckerman bound: a trilogy and epilogue.
New York: Farrar,
Straus Giroux, 1985. 784 p.
The trilogy consists o f three independently published novels
about the career o f Nathan Zuckerman,
The Ghost Writer, Zuckerman
The Anatomy Lesson.
In the novella length epilogue,
“The Prague Orgy,” Zuckerman journeys to Prague to rescue the
stories o f an unknown Yiddish writer.